Literature Offers

By Staff May 13, 2002

Cooling and drying

Solutions to industrial cooling, drying, conveying, blowoff, cleaning, and static electricity problems are offered in a 96-p technical guide, which features technical explanations, performance data, photos, and drawings for each product.

Exair Corporation

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Gas boosters

Accessories for liquid pumps, gas boosters, and air amplifiers are presented, including air pilot switches, high pressure relief valves, pump cycle counters, air receiver tanks, and air control packages. The accessories are ideal for use with MAXIMATOR products.


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Tools and equipment

A Master Sourcebook for 2002 features thousands of products throughout the 316-p catalog. Tools kits, carts and cases, test equipment, hand and power tools, and wire/cable and fiber optics are among the items offered.

Jensen Tools

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Pressure and flow

Controlcat New Horizons in Pressure, Flow & Everything Else covers a variety of USA-made products, including conductivity and dissolved oxygen meters, controllers and transmitters, flow meters, signal conditioners, and switches. Forty-eight Dilbert cartoons are contained within the catalog.

Omega Engineering, Inc.

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The benefits and features of DiamondShield electrical enclosures are detailed in a brochure. The 10-product enclosure family is made of cost-effective fiberglass and is available in 150 configurations.

Stahlin Non-Metallic Enclosures

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Exhaust systems

A line of corrosion-resistant polyvinyl chloride, chlorinated polyvinyl chloride, and polypropylene fume exhaust systems and duct fittings is highlighted in a 28-product brochure. Factory Mutual and Underwriter Laboratories data are included.


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Load cells

Load Cell Guide #14 is a comprehensive catalog of strain gauge technology and features a large selection of load cells, weigh modules, sensors, and scale accessories. More than 30,000 in-stock products are available with same-day shipping.

Rice Lake Weighing Systems

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This catalog discusses a line of AC- and DC-operated linear and rotary position sensors and support electronics and offers easy reference with photos and specifications.

Macro Sensors

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Guide to high-pressure, high-volume industrial pumps focuses on the Hydra-Cell D-15 and D-17 series and discusses product features, specifications, ordering information, and application examples.

Hydra-Cell Industrial Pumps Wanner Engineering, Inc.

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Roof systems

A package of literature dedicated to SPF Roof Systems is available with information on design, components, applications, installation, and case histories. SPF roofs are used for both new construction and re-roofing projects.

BASF Corporation

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A 2002 modified bitumen roofing catalog takes a look at a complete line of engineered systems, including granule-surfaced Paradiene and foil-faced Veral systems. The Siplast Certificate of Analysis Program is also explained in the literature.


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Component fastening

A 96-p catalog makes fastening rotating components to shafts easier. Fairloc is designed to solve phasing, timing, positioning, and frequent removal problems that other methods can’t properly handle.

Stock Drive Products/Sterling Instrument

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Gas monitoring

The 2002 Haloguard Refrigerant Gas Monitor Product Guide instrument and accessory catalog gives descriptions and specifications for models that meet a range of monitoring requirements, including stringent refrigerant gas conservation and basic safety applications.

Thermal Gas Systems

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Photographs, descriptions, and specifications for a complete line of Wright tools are contained in a 75th anniversary product catalog. Thirty additional pages of new products are featured in the 2002 version.

Wright Tool

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Vacuum generators

A new version of the single and multi-venturi vacuum generator catalog includes a technical engineering section and an accessory section. Gast venturi vacuum generators have flow ranges from .2 cfm to 158 cfm and maximum vacuum from 7.5 to 27” Hg.

Gast Manufacturing, Inc.

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Commerical products

The 2002 Commercial Products Catalog provides information and specifications on roof scuttles, automatic fire vents, floor, vault and sidewalk doors, and LadderUP safety posts.

Bilco Company

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A complete package of industrial lubricants and services known as the Dow Corning Fluid Consolidation Program is described in a 4-p brochure. The program aims to reduce maintenance costs and extend equipment life.

Dow Corning


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