Literature Offers

By Staff July 15, 2002


A short-form catalog summarizes electronic and electromechanical pressure, differential pressure and temperature switches, temperature sensors, and pressure transducers. Most of the products are available for shipment in less than a week. United Electric Controls Write 316 on PE card

Lifting devices

A brochure explains the concept of intelligent assist devices and discusses how this technology can be applied to solve material handling problems through the use of G-Force BXi and BX intelligent lifting devices. Brief case histories demonstrate how the G-Force can solve real-world application problems. Gorbel Inc. Write 317 on PE card

Laser components

The 2002 components catalog features more than 150-p of drawings, technical information, and part numbers. In addition to a large in-stock inventory of laser replacement components, on-time delivery is offered, with many same-day shipments. Directed Light, Inc. Write 318 on PE card

Bulk containers

“The Most Flexible Solid Steel Bulk Containers in the Industry” is a four-color specification sheet designed to inform end users about the features and benefits of standard models of folding steel bulk containers. Dimensional data is also included. American Bulk Containers Write 319 on PE card

Circuit protection

The Amp-Trap 2000 family of Type 2 circuit protection products include Class L, Class J, Class RK-1, and Class CC fuses in a range of amperages. Current-limiting fuses prevent high-energy arcs that can stop production, damage HVAC equipment, and shut down lighting and communications. Ferraz Shawmut Write 320 on PE card

Traffic door

A bulletin highlights the features of the Standard Model RubbAir Door, which is designed to withstand pounding from fork lifts and other motorized equipment. The flexible rubber frame, foam core, and reinforcements assist in absorbing impacts. RubbAir Door Division Write 321 on PE card


An overview of motors for axis and spindle drives, including technical data and dimensions, is available. The motors are supplied as accessories to the TNC 410 M, TNC 426 M, TNC 430 M, and the MANUALplus M controls with integrated inverter. Heidenhain Corporation Write 322 on PE card

Process measurement

More than 40,000 products for process measurement and control are featured in the Volume MM Temperature Handbook. Product selections include connectors, wire, and temperature sensors for thermocouples, RTD’s, thermistors, and infrared probes and meters. Omega Engineering, Inc. Write 323 on PE card


Bladder accumulators for turbomachinery lube-oil systems are the focus of a 4-p brochure covering a range of styles and sizes from 21/ 2 to 120 gallons and from 500 to 1020-psi design pressure. Fluid Energy Controls Write 324 on PE card


Twenty pages are dedicated to the full line of Ideal and Tridon brand clamps for a variety of applications. Detailed product information, design specifications, and engineering drawings are included. Ideal Division, The Gates Group of Companies Write 325 on PE card

Label maker

A brochure details the uses for and capabilities of the PowerMark sign and label maker, a machine that creates custom signs and labels to increase safety and productivity in an industrial environment. Brady Signmark Write 326 on PE card


Threaded plastic adjustable nozzles, self-cleaning nozzles, tank mixing eductors, and other products are featured in a 46-p catalog. Also featured are quick- disconnect “Zip-Tip” nozzle models, which include air-blow off, vaneless full cone, and wide-angle square full cone spray patterns. BEX Spray Nozzles Write 327 on PE card

Work station

Twelve pages cover the Demag KBK freestanding work station, which is flexible, versatile, and easy to install. Technical information and work station component descriptions are included. Demag Cranes and Components Write 328 on PE card


“Spring for the 21stcentury” focuses on the design and production of single-piece, maintenance-free, machined springs for a broad range of applications. Helical Products Company, Inc. Write 329 on PE card

Industrial ovens

The Heat-Pro line of industrial ovens is available in an array of standard sizes and configurations. Ovens detailed in the brochure include standard model, bench, cabinet, truck, conveyor, and walk-in. Lewco, Inc. Write 330 on PE card

Electronic relays

A catalog discusses voltage monitors, current monitors, load sensors, overload relays, and custom controller boards that protect ac motors, compressors, and pumping applications SymCom, Inc. Write 331 on PE card

Compressed air

An updated compressed air and vacuum systems brochure includes technical data, accessory section, typical applications, and new models added to the line. Compressed air and vacuum tank systems range from 2 to 60 gal. Gast Manufacturing, Inc. Write 332 on PE card

Motor pumps

A full-color applications and specifications brochure for canned motor pumps is geared toward facilities dealing with noxious, hazardous, or expensive fluids. The literature shows the best available technology for a variety of applications, creating the ideal solution to safety, sealing, and reliability challenges. Sundyne Corporation Write 333 on PE card

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