Literature Offers – 2002-04-15

By Staff April 15, 2002


All Pro Bimetallic dial thermometers provide value and accuracy in 2 in., 3 in., and 5 in. sizes with polished stainless steel construction. The catalog features a line of Slip Fit bimetal dial thermometers, which slip into industrial-type liquid-in-glass thermometer thermowells and fit via a tapered bulb.

Palmer Instruments, Inc.

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Loss prevention

The 2002 Property Loss Prevention Resource Catalog is designed to help facility and plant managers deal effectively with property-related hazards. Engineering data sheets, special interest booklets, learning kits, videos, CD-ROMs, and training courses are included.

FM Global

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Sensors and fiber optics

Sensor and fiber optic products are the focus of Sensor Solutions for the Automation Industry , a catalog spanning more than 400-p and dividing products into four sensor technology categories. Fiber Optic Sensor Solutions for the Automation Industry — nearly 60 pp in length — contains information on photoelectric sensor products for a variety of fiber optic applications.

Baumer Electric

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A 312-p catalog features Morse, Browning, and U.S. Gearmotor’s brands and includes dimensional information, engineering data, and facts pertaining to modified and custom gearboxes.

Emerson Power Transmission

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Hinged fasteners

Three types of Alligator hinged fasteners for light-duty conveyor and flat power transmission belts, hinge-pin alternatives, and splicing tools are covered in the 20-p, international catalog, which is offered in English, French, German, and Spanish.


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Floor care

A 16-p catalog discusses floor care equipment, floor coatings, and outdoor cleaning machines, as well as products for commercial and industrial use in indoor and outdoor applications. Products include sweepers, scrubbers, carpet extractors, and all-surface cleaners.

Tennant Company

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Power tools

Drills, hammer drills, grinders, reciprocating saws, and drivers are among the products featured in a 78-p catalog. Products added to the catalog include the ergonomic, cordless driver and multipurpose rotary hammers.

Metabo Corporation

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Liquid ring pumps

Serving as an instruction manual, this catalog also discusses liquid ring pumps and systems. The literature provides performance curves, describes principles of operation, and outlines examples of Atlantic Fluidics pump applications.

Tuthill Vacuum Systems

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Filter catridges

Designed for turbine lube oils and hydraulic oils, PH filter cartridges are the topic of a product information sheet. Corrosion-resistant cartridges have an external hold-down spring, an O-ring seal, and metal end caps.

The Hilliard Corporation

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A CD-ROM provides information on products such as turbine agitators, side-entry mixers, static mixers, and high-shear mixers. Various models are available in customized and standard designs.

Chemineer, Inc.

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Lube-free chains

U.S. Tsubaki’s latest innovation in lube-free chain technology — the Xceeder Chain — is detailed in an 8-p brochure. The product offers dual protection against chain wear, and a special coated pin and oil-impregnated bushing providing long-term internal lubrication.

U.S. Tsubaki

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Leak detection

How fluorescent leak detection works and why it is an economical method to pinpoint all refrigerant leaks are covered in a brochure highlighting Spectroline products. Four ways to add fluorescent dyes to air conditioning and refrigerant systems are also detailed.

Spectronics Corporation

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Industrial containers

More than 4000 industrial packaging products with complete descriptions, technical data, and dimensions are offered in Catalog 1M. Color-coded product sections include drum handling equipment, shipping supplies, safety products, and spill/leak response.


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Data acquisition

The latest information and products for the DAS market — from ethernet-enabled meters to controllers and beyond — are covered in the BLUECAT New Horizons Product Preview of the Data Acquisition Handbook, which features 90 Dilbert cartoons. Every product can be purchased online.

Omega Engineering

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High-torque drills

Offered with numerous bits and configurations, Hydro Drills are designed to remove deposits from inside heat exchanger tubes. The brochure also covers J & W cleaning systems and services for air-cooled condensers.

Conco Systems, Inc.

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The Industrial Condensed Catalog discusses manual and actuated valves and includes pressure ratings, industry application certifications, construction materials, design elements, and size ranges for each valve type.

Milwaukee Valve Company

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Hydraulic tools

Hydraulic & Mechanical Power for Industry Since 1899 takes a look at cylinders, pumps, valves and accessories, hydraulic tools, hydraulic jacks, presses, hydraulic torque wrenches and mechanical jacks. Tips on safe and efficient use of the products is included.


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Heat exchangers

Keeping heat exchangers and separators operating at peak performance is the focus of a 4-p brochure called Alfa Laval Parts & Service, Our top priority is your peace of mind . Seven centers in the United States offer a variety of services.

Alfa Laval

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Dust collection

An 80-p manual traces the history, theory, and application of all types of dust collection equipment and focuses on understanding the development of technology. The advantages and disadvantages of each technology are presented as readers are guided through selection criteria for their application.

Scientific Dust Collectors

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