Literature Offers – 2002-03-11

By Staff March 11, 2002

Lift tables

An extensive line of scissor lift tables designed to improve productivity and worker safety are featured in a catalog. Ideal for machine feeding, work positioning, assembly, order picking, and pallet loading, LS Series Backsaver lifts are available in basic sizes and capacities to lift and position loads to 6000 pounds at heights up to 56 in.

Southworth Products Corp.

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Test and measurement

Keithley’s electronic test and measurement instrumentation and data acquisition hardware and software are detailed in a full-color catalog. Products include digital multimeters, switch and measure systems, switch and control products, broadband signal routing systems, and power sources.

Keithley Instruments, Inc.

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A full-line catalog contains information on an extensive range of stainless steel clamping, identification and sign mounting systems, installation tools, hose fittings, and accessories.


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A brochure highlights medium voltage expulsion fuses, which are offered in a wide range of refillable and replaceable expulsion power fuses. The application, capabilities, and reliability of the expulsion fuses are discussed, as well as current limiting fuses.

Eaton Cutler-Hammer

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Design engineers can easily access necessary information on specific Warner Electric products, including part numbers. Engineers can refine their search to include downloadable drawings and product specifications and can request a quotation from an authorized distributor.

Warner Electric

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Power transmission

A brochure gives descriptions of clutches, brakes, gearing, controllers, and gear drives and points out which ones are ideal for a wide range of applications in various industries.

Colfax PT Group

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Strut installation

The CADDY Corner newsletter informs readers about the STS clamp for assembling back-to-back struts without welding, a timesaving alternative, and the SLICK strut nut, which eliminates the need for spring nuts.


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Industrial wiring

A CD-ROM allows users to access information from Leviton’s IPD-2.01 catalog and provides intuitive icons, modular specification tables, and color-coding techniques. To make searches easier, visible navigation aids, information pointers, grade types, and product types are furnished.

Leviton Manufacturing Company

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More than 280 manufacturers are represented in the VWR International 2001/2002 Safety catalog, which details thousands of products for laboratory and industrial safety uses. Ordering information, photography, and specifications are included.

VWR International

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Conveyance system

Superail is a low-profile, high-impact conveyance system available in standard four-foot sections. Each section consists of three staggered rows of ball bearing rollers handling loads of up to 1000 lb per linear inch and compensates for uneven or damaged containers.

Custom Automation, Inc.

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Welding end prep tools

A variety of photographs are used to illustrate the performance of portable welding end prep tools. Specifications and recommended applications are included, along with available accessories.


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Digital sensors

The Keyence Sensor Solution guide helps users and specifiers of digital sensors select the best product for their application and get it up and running in the shortest possible time.

Keyence Corp. of America

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Safety enclosures

The expansion of Increased Safety products includes three styles of terminal enclosures, high voltage junction boxes, control enclosures, and enclosures with intrinsically safe terminals. In addition to the catalog, a searchable CD is available.


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Parker’s 451TC and 451ST 3000 psi constant working pressure hoses with abrasion-resistant Tough Cover or Super Tough cover are featured in a bulletin.

Parker Hose Products

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Controls and gages

Dwyer Instruments, Inc. discusses more than 3600 innovative products, including the Series UV Ultra-View Polysulfone flowmeter, which measures high temperatures and high pressures.

Dwyer Instruments, Inc.

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Electrical products

Electrical products and accessories are divided into six sections for easy reference, including Conduit Bending, Hand Tools, and Hole Cutting.

Gardner Bender

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Flow meters

In addition to covering in-line flow meters, probes, and switches, “Measuring up to the highest standards in flow measurement” describes techniques for measuring flows of gases, liquids, slurries, and homogeneous solids.

Thermal Instrument Company

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