Literature Offers – 2002-02-15

By Staff February 15, 2002

Air cleaner

A full-color brochure features the TM 1000 TaskMaster portable air cleaner, capable of capturing pollutants and fumes from grinding, welding, cutting, and gluing using a variety of attachments. Attachments are shown, including articulated source capture arms in various sizes, dual articulated arms, downdraft table, backdraft hood, and long reach flexible hose with hood. Micro Air Clean Air Systems Write 316 on PE card

Gas and equipment

Specialty Gas and Equipment Reference Guide contains 320-pp of technical and safety information, and pure and mixed specialty gases and liquids for all types of scientific, industrial, and regulatory compliance applications. Scott Specialty Gases Write 317 on PE card

Lubrication system

A catalog on PurgeX Centralized Lubrication Systems includes dimensions, specifications, and engineering data. Single piece piston injector systems are described in various actuation modes: electric, motor, air operated, and spray units. Oil-Rite Corporation Write 318 on PE card

Vacuum system

Custom designed vacuum systems for the process and power industries are discussed in a 12-p brochure. Also included are case studies explaining how low maintenance products have improved plant efficiency and saved time and money Croll-Reynolds Write 319 on PE card

Speed pump

The Medium Speed Pump (MSP) offers hydraulics designed for low-flow, high-head applications and a medium speed induction motor with variable frequency drive for optimal BEP and adaptability in a wide range of changing service conditions. The brochure notes that the MSP can be optionally designed for a horizontal end suction arrangement. Flowserve Corporation Write 320 on PE card


The Modular Plastic Belt (MPB) conveyor series is discussed in a catalog by Dorner Manufacturing. Included are product descriptions, detailed specifications and application recommendations. Dorner Manufacturing Write 321 on PE card

Hand tools

The Cougar line of medium-duty hand tools are presented in a 16-p catalog. The line is designed for contractors and maintenance workers who don’t need a premium line, but still want high-quality tools they can depend on. Wright Tool Company Write 322 on PE card

Industrial lifting

An industrial lifting hardware catalog includes illustrations, product performance data, dimensional drawings, and application information. The reference manual contains information on the full line of Diamond D brand eye bolts and eye nuts, turnbuckles, rod ends, anchor shackles, wire rope fittings, hooks, chain hardware, U-bolts, tank flanges, and elevator maintenance hardware. Edward W. Daniel Co. Write 323 on PE card


More than 11,000 products and 220 premium industrial brands are covered in the Sears Industrial Catalog, which features both the Craftsman and Craftsman Professional lines. Sections on safety, maintenance, and accessories have been revised and expanded. Sears Industrial Write 324 on PE card


Elastomeric Curved Jaw couplings are the focus of a 24-p catalog from Lovejoy. The products are available in a broad selection of sizes, styles, and mountings for all types of industrial machinery. Lovejoy, Inc. Write 325 on PE card

Hydraulic power

Enerpac Industrial Tool product lines are showcased in the E324 hydraulic power catalog, a resource for hydraulic tool specifications, applications, and related information. More than 10,000 products are featured. Enerpac Industrial Tools Write 326 on PE card

Pump controller

A variable speed drive programmed specifically for centrifugal pumps, the PS100 controller protects by continually monitoring and reacting to both system and pump conditions. ITT Industries Write 327 on PE card

Protective gloves

The Productive Glove and Clothing Sourcebook provides 10 categories to help buyers find the gloves most appropriate for their applications, including cut resistant, heat resistant, and leather. Wells Lamont Corporation Write 328 on PE card

Electrical products

A catalog details McGill utility and temporary lighting products, lamp changers, reels and cords, pin and sleeve devices, switches, and indicator lights EGS Electrical Group- McGill Write 329 on PE card

Pneumatic tools

T.C. Service details the complete line of Top Cat pneumatic tools and provides an overview of the company, its technical support, and its custom tool design and build capabilities. T.C. Service Co. Write 330 on PE card

Bearing isolators

INPRO/SEAL explains how bearing isolators eliminate the root cause of rotating equipment failure- moisture, dirt, and abrasives contaminating the bearing environment. The literature also includes product data, capabilities, and specifications. INPRO/SEAL Company Write 331 on PE card

Process control

Zontec Inc. expands its brochure for Synergy 2000 Statistical Control software to reflect new features in Release 4.0. Zontec Inc. Write 332 on PE card

Parts cleaning

A guide to the Omega line of ultrasonic parts cleaning systems — titled “You Don’t Have to Live and Breathe Your Work” — describes systems designed for small- to medium-sized machine shops, parts manufacturers, and metal finishers. Omegasonics Write 333 on PE card


Product Range brochure covers eight series of industrial duty Internal Gear pumps, eight series of sanitary and industrial Rotary Lobe pumps, and Viking’s high-pressure and composite material External Gear pumps. Viking Pump Write 334 on PE card

Disaster preparedness

The Disaster Preparedness & Response catalog offers equipment for fire fighters, police, emergency medical personnel, government emergency planners, and anyone on the front lines of a disaster management situation. Products include respirators and protective clothing. Lab Safety Supply Write 335 on PE card