Literature Offers – 2001-11-01

By Staff November 1, 2001

Fork level switch

Solartron Mobrey describes the Squing 2 fork point level switch in a 4-p, full-color brochure. The Squing 2 incorporates a tuning fork that resonates constantly at its natural frequency, and any moisture change on the fork alters that frequency. In response, the liquid level switch changes the electronic output. The switch works with most liquids, including coatings, aerated liquids, and slurries.

Solartron Mobrey

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Alloy tubing

Rath Manufacturing Company’s technical bulletin analyzes material properties and performance characteristics of Duplex Alloy 2205 tubing. The bulletin evaluates chemical composition, mechanical properties, and microstructure of the weld vs. base material in finished tubing. A listing of ASTM and ASME duplex material product specifications is provided.

Rath Manufacturing Company Inc.

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Maintenance and reliability

HSB Reliability Technologies (HSBRT) offers a guide to maintenance and reliability improvement and details the steps to implement and operate a customized maintenance program (CMMS) with the company’s PM-30 Plus software alternative.

HSB Reliability Technologies

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Industrial products

Dozier Equipment Co. showcases industrial products in a 220-p September-December buyers guide catalog. Seven major product categories are listed, including cabinets and lockers, shelving and racks, material storage, and shop equipment.

Dozier Equipment Co.

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Electrical conduit

Standard, custom, and prototyping capabilities for flexible electrical conduit are the focus of a brochure by Electri-Flex Company, which manufactures Liquatite products. Electri-Flex helps customers meet specifications, including high/low temperature, halogen-free/low smoke, and flame-retardant, and meets needs for UV resistance, lightweight requirements, and direct burial.

Electri-Flex Company

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Filter systems

Kice Industrial Filter systems are described in an 8-p, full-color brochure. The brochure covers standard features on all models and highlights optional features for more customized systems.

Kice Industries, Inc.

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Vaneaxial fans

Lau Industries, Inc. introduces Barry Blower direct drive (VXD) and belt drive (VXB) vaneaxial fans to the air handling industry in a 44-p brochure. Capabilities, features, and benefits of the VXD and VXB models are detailed, including size ranges and volumes.

Lau Industries, Inc.

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Gearmotor and reducer

Rockwell Automation’s Dodge Quantis gearmotor and reducer is the topic of discussion in a 16-p catalog filled with nearly 30 color photographs and illustrations. Three cutaway drawings illustrate the design of the product.

Rockwell Automation

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Water quality analysis tool

Hach Company’s 20-p brochure discusses the Odyssey DR/2500 Spectrophotometer, a state-of-the-art water quality analysis tool designed for the water, waterwater, and industrial water treatment industries. The publication contains photographs of the instrument, and how to use it.

Hach Company

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Pumps overview

A 6-p brochure that details the features and benefits of Tonkaflo pumps and the new Tonkaflo PumpTools online selection tool is available from Osmonics Inc. The overview guides end users in selecting the proper pump series for their applications.

Osmonics Inc.

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Pressure measurement and instrumentatIon

The OMEGACAT contains a new selection of technology products for pressure measurement including transducers, switches, transmitters, barometers, manometers, calibrators, process meters and controllers, and strain indicators as well as the latest full-function digital multimeter thermometer with built-in, non-contact, infrared temperature measurement with switchable laser circle or dot sighting.

OMEGA Engineering, Inc.

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Building code guidebook

Rolf Jensen & Associates, Inc. (RJA) aims to help architects, engineers, and builders interpret the International Building Code by providing a guidebook. The guide includes a side-by-side comparison of IBC requirements to the National Building Code, Standard Building Code, the Uniform Building Code, and NFPA Life Safety Code 101.

The RJA Group, Inc.

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Air velocity meter

The DirectSense AIR, a mobile, computer-based air velocity meter, is described in a brochure by GrayWolf Sensing Solutions. The DirectSense AIR is designed for commercial airspeed and volume flow measurement applications, such as fumehood face velocity testing, air handling system balancing, HEPA filter flow checks, and indoor air quality surveys.

GrayWolf Sensing Solutions

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Work Assist products

Crown Equipment Corporation showcases the complete line of Work Assist products by the lift truck manufacturer. Photos and information are included on the Crown Wave Work Assist vehicle, WP 2000 Series walkie pallet truck, WE/WS 2000 Series walkie stackers, and the PTH 50 Series hand pallet truck.

Crown Equipment Corporation

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Mezzanine system

PK Structures features the IBC 2000 compliant mezzanine system in a full-color brochure. The Porta-King/Kelly Klosure Enterprise offers several mezzanine designs for applications including inventory storage, work and observation platforms, and office and manufacturing space. Mezzanines are constructed to withstand adverse industrial environments, as well as meet structural standards and building codes.

Porta King Building Systems

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Heat exchanger coils

ITT Standard’s new catalog highlights a diversified line of commercial and industrial heat exchanger coils. Drawer-type casings allow for easy removal of finned tubes and headers for maintenance, and a spiral design maximizes efficiency, with a choice of fins to suit requirements for many applications.

ITT Standard

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High temperature materials

Forty-three pages are dedicated to Aremco Products, Inc’s line of high temperature materials and specialized machinery for industry. The 16-section catalog includes detalied product specifications, features, and application notes.

Aremco Products, Inc.

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