Literature Offers – 2001-10-01

By Staff October 1, 2001

AC motors

Rockwell Automation showcases 1/3 to 2500 horsepower inverter-duty motors in the RELIANCE variable speed AC motors brochure. In addition to 16 photographs, the 6-p brochure includes a chart depicting motor styles and features available, the rating capability and typical applications of small RPM AC, V*S Master and large AC Global Series, and variable torque product lines.

Rockwell Automation

Circle 316

Automation products

Scientific Technologies, Inc. offers a 2001-2002, four-color guide featuring nearly 90 automation products in nine categories, including ultrasonic sensing, capacitance level detection, and continuous level measurement of liquids and solids. New pressure sensing and displacement/velocity detection products are also included.

Scientific Technologies, Inc.

Circle 317

Breathing Apparatuses

3M Occupational Health & Environmental Safety Division introduces its new line of Air-Mate Self-Contained Breathing Apparatuses (SCBAs) in a four-color guide. Specifications and ordering information are offered for Air-Mate 2000 SCBAs, Air-Mate Combination Escape SCBAs/Supplied Air Respirators (SARs), and Air-Mate SCBAGs.


Circle 318

Surface preparation

“Surface Preparation Guide” is a new Sherwin-Williams brochure that highlights the proper surface preparation methods for substrates and SSPC surface preparation standards. Methods include surface cleaning, mechanical service preparation, and chemical surface preparation.

Sherwin-Williams Company

Circle 319


A new brochure by Van Air Systems, Inc. features Freedom dryers, which are aimed at minimizing high energy costs and moisture problems. The dryers can be installed indoors or outdoors, require no electricity, and can be utilized across a range of applications, including cement plants and dust collectors.

Van Air Systems, Inc.

Circle 320

Flange protectors

Niagara Plastics Company introduces its new expanded range of FC Series stud-hole flange protectors. The flange protectors are offered in two styles, one for use on 125-lb and 150-lb flanges, and the other for use on 300-lb, 400-lb and 600-lb flanges.

Niagara Plastics Company

Circle 321

Noise control

Tamer Industries showcases custom enclosures with a wide range of applications, including compressors, stamping presses, and screw machines. Enclosures create a cleaner and safer working environment.

Tamer Industries

Circle 322

Analysis instruments

Shimpo Instruments provides an overview of its speed product family line and leaders in each category, including handheld contact tachometers, counters, stroboscopes, and sensors. Shimpo’s MRO inspection instruments are used in applications such as compressors and visual freezing of motion.

Shimpo Instruments

Circle 323

Water jets

“Before” and “after” photographs illustrate the benefits of water jetting. In addition to demonstrating how high-pressure water jetting solves product removal problems, the brochure also shows how water jetting can clean parts, conveyors, fixtures, skids, and clogged screens.

NLB Corp.

Circle 324

Single-element filters

The P-2000 Series filter flyer for single-element filters is now available through Pneumatic Products. Benefits of the P-2000 Series filters include contaminant removal efficiencies and low differential pressure drop, all at affordable prices.

Pneumatic Products

Circle 325

Watertube boilers

ABCO Industries, Inc.’s brochure explores the advantages of package watertube boilers, which feature no-refractory designs and 100% membrane walls. Boilers are engineered to meet specific application criteria, including low or ultra low CO and NO x emissions.

ABCO Industries, Inc.

Circle 326

Compressed Air Dryers

With prefilters and afterfilters becoming standard, Kemp’s Series 60 Dryer System provides high-quality compressed air with -40F and -100F pressure dew points. It’s also particulate-free to an absolute rating of 0.9 micron and a residual oil content of &0.001 ppmw.


Circle 327

Hose reels

A catalog features information and specifications on popular stainless steel hose reels offered by Hannay Reels. The four-color catalog includes narrow-frame reels for confined spaces, compact models for pressure washing, and heavy-duty reels for industrial settings.

Hannay Reels

Circle 328


Red Valve has updated and expanded its brochure on the Series G Knife Gate Valve, a product that includes special features for drop-tight sealing. A precision-buffed gate and two bosses welded to the valve seat is one example. The Series G is available in sizes to 144 in.

Red Valve

Circle 329

Mounted bearings

The Accu-Loc line of concentric-locking mounted bearings is the focus of a 42-p catalog by AMI Bearings, Inc. The Accu-Loc bearings are designed for low vibration, low noise, and low friction applications. The catalog also includes data on AMI’s newly patented, non-contact, free-spinning configuration.

AMI Bearings, Inc.

Circle 330

Power controllers

Information on Watlow’s power controller product line and an easy-to-use application chart are included in the company’s latest brochure. Watlow power controlling devices can minimize temperature extremes and increase heater life up to 20 times.

Watlow Electric Manufacturing Co.

Circle 331

Pipe cutting and beveling

Mathey Dearman’s 12-p product brochure includes information on pipe cutting and beveling machines, pipe alignment and reforming clamps, welding electrode and flux ovens, and pipefitter tools. It’s offered in seven languages.

Mathey Dearman, Inc.

Circle 332

Tubing and hose

A brochure titled “Products & Services Guide” features the products and custom capabilities of NewAge Industries. Tubing and hose items, fittings, clamps, and custom fabrication options are discussed in this miniature version of NewAge’s complete catalog.

NewAge Industries, Inc.

Circle 333

Valve Automation

ABB’s brochure covers a range of valve automation products, including electrical modulating and on/off actuators, electropneumatic signal converters and positioners, damper drives, and pneumatic and electropneumatic instruments.

ABB Instrumentation

Circle 334