Literature Offers – 2000-11-01

By Staff November 1, 2000

Heat transfer fluid

Dowtherm MX is a synthetic, aromatic-based heat transfer fluid that provides long-term thermal stability and performance in nonpressurized or low-pressure, liquid-phase systems that typically use higher-performing oils. The fluid provides stability across its normal application range of -10-625 F, and it does not suffer the thermal degradation experienced by hot oils when they are pushed to temperatures above 550 F. A 12-p brochure provides a wide range of technical information about the fluid.

The Dow Chemical Co.

Circle 316

Control connectors

Catalog presents information about three new quick-disconnect control connector product lines designed to provide superior signal integrity, as well as watertight and corrosion-resistant connections in the toughest environments. Technical information, specifications, photos, and more are offered in the 46-p publication.

Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems

Circle 317

Testing instruments

Product reference guide describes a complete line of testing instruments and features 12 new products. Product families include electrical safety testers, LCR meters, transformer test systems, and more. Product features and applications are listed for each product.

QuadTech, Inc.

Circle 318

Concrete lining systems

An 8-p brochure describes how the Anchor-Lok thermoplastic lining system protects concrete from corrosion and abrasion. The brochure illustrates how the systems are installed and explains the benefits of such a system.

Atlas Minerals & Chemicals, Inc.

Circle 319

Crane components

End trucks, crane drives, and controls are featured in a 6-p catalog. Specifications are listed for each product.

Acco Chain & Lifting Products Div.

Circle 320

Signal conditioning

Booklet details how the SCXI front-end signal conditioning platform helps provide signal conditioning solutions.

National Instruments Corp.

Circle 321

Spill cleanup

Catalog offers 272 pp of spill control and cleanup products. Sorbents, booms, pads, mats, and more are featured.

Lab Safety Supply

Circle 322

Towline conveyors

A 6-p brochure discusses operating and design advantages for a line of overhead tow conveyor systems. These systems can reduce operating costs, enhance productivity, improve inventory control, and increase workflow efficiency.

Jervis B. Webb Co.

Circle 323

Split-case pumps

A 6-p bulletin provides details on a new line of high-performance, horizontal, split-case pumps. The HSC3 pump features internally self-flushing mechanical seals, easy-maintenance design, short-shaft configuration, and heavy-duty welded base plate.

Bell & Gossett

Circle 324

Protective coatings

Protective Coatings Glossary lists more than 1500 definitions for surface preparation, equipment, and standards; formulation, application, and inspection of high-performance coatings and linings; coating end uses; coating failures and application defects; environmental, health, and safety regulations; and other topics. The cost is $50.

The Society for Protective Coatings

Circle 325


General Reference Guide: High Performance Lubrication Technology is a comprehensive guide to lubrication. The catalog includes conversion tables, technical glossary, property matrices, application instructions, and troubleshooting suggestions.

Castrol Industrial North America, Inc.

Circle 326

Pallet racks

Structural steel pallet racks are the topic of a new 12-p catalog. Standard capacities for the racks are 31,000-68,000 lb/upright and load beam capacities are almost 18,500 lb/pair. A component selection guide, design considerations, and upright selection information are provided.

Jarke Corp.

Circle 327

Motion control

Updated brochure provides 20 pp of information on a variety of motion control solutions. Specifications and size ranges are provided for overrunning, bidirectional, intermittent motion, torque limiting, and centrifugal clutches; permanent magnet and electric brakes; and more.

The Hilliard Corp.

Circle 328

Fluorescent lighting

A new brochure describes a line of industrial fluorescent lighting systems. The publication focuses on solutions for specific applications, including task lighting for benchwork, machinery, and tables; illumination for high and low bay manufacturing areas; and lighting for warehouse high stacks, low stacks, and shipping and receiving. General product information, illustrations, and specifications are provided for each product.


Circle 329

Casters and wheels

A 144-p catalog contains complete information for a full range of casters, wheels, parts, and options. Resource pages provide data on caster selection, brakes, optional dimensions, and wheel selection information.

Albion Industries, Inc.

Circle 330

Positive displacement blowers

A 4-p brochure details features and benefits of positive displacement blowers for pneumatic conveying applications. The literature describes the unique rotor tip design, low speed operation, and oversized oil reservoirs that allow the blowers to run cool and quiet.

Kice Industries, Inc.

Circle 331

Valves and sensors

Catalog provides specifications and product information for more than 6000 common valves and sensors.

Burkert USA

Circle 332

Electro-pneumatic valve/sensor systems

An 8-p brochure describes the Series 555/565/575 electro-pneumatic valve/ sensor systems. The systems are complete valve, wiring, and plumbing solutions designed for pneumatically actuated accumulation conveyor systems operating in either singulation mode or dual zone sensing and function. The literature provides product information, features and benefits, applications, and technical data.

Humphrey Products Co.

Circle 333

Ergonomic products

Ergonomic Solutions Guide features a wide selection of worker-friendly products designed to protect employees and increase productivity. The guide includes portable lifters/tilters, hydraulic tables, elevating carts, drum carriers and dumpers, and more. Each product is described and pictured.

Vestil Mfg. Co.

Circle 334

Ethernet devices

Catalog simplifies the selection and specification process for a line of connective and expansion Ethernet devices. These products support secure, rapid expansion of networks and improve connectivity between the management, control, and actuator sensor levels from the plant floor to administration areas. The catalog describes the “Ethernet Ring” concept, which ensures ultimate network and production systems reliability. Specifications, photos, and technical diagrams are included in the 24-p catalog.

Hirschmann ANS Group

Circle 335

Cutting and tapping fluids

Selection guide makes it easy to specify the correct cutting and tapping fluid for an application. The easy-to-read, color-coded chart identifies workpiece materials and references them with the performance characteristics of the various types of fluids. Using the correct fluid for the material being cut increases production rates and provides a better finish and longer tool life.

Winfield Brooks Co.

Circle 336


New 48-p catalog lists a wide range of industrial coatings, including primers, thinners, epoxy coatings, rust-control enamels, and more.

Martin Senour Industrial Coatings

Circle 337

Adjustable frequency drives

The 6000 Series of adjustable frequency drives is featured in a new brochure. The literature covers control functions and software designed specifically for HVAC applications.

Danfoss Graham

Circle 338

Audible and visual signals

Brochure describes a wide range of signals for hazardous locations. Products include rotating beacons and strobes, vibrating and single stroke bells, vibrating horns, electronic signals, buzzers, and telecode relays. The literature also provides photos and product information.

Edwards Signaling

Circle 339