Literature Offers

By Staff March 1, 2001

Fluid sensors


New 224-p catalog offers comprehensive information for a wide array of liquid level and flow sensors and in- dicators, pressure transducers and switches, transmitters, receivers, annunciators, and solid-state and intrinsically safe relays and barriers. More than 350 standard products are featured in the literature, along with information on a new remote monitoring system. The catalog offers photos, product specifications, and illustrations.

Gems Sensors, Inc.

Circle 316

Tank cleaning


A Guide to Safe and Effective Tank Cleaning includes design features and product data on five different tank washing products: high-pressure (motor-driven) tank washers, fluid-driven reactionary force, fluid-driven constant speed, fluid-driven turbine, and fixed-spray nozzles. A selection guide outlines options available based on tank coverage and type of cleaning required.

Spraying Systems Co .

Circle 317

Disconnect switches


An 88-p catalog describes a line of disconnect switches. The publication features fusible (Class CC, J, and L fuses) and nonfusible and enclosed fusible and nonfusible disconnect switches from 30-3150-amp ratings. The easy-to-use guide features helpful specification comparison charts to help find the right product.

Cooper Bussmann

Circle 318

Dock safety


Catalog addresses employee and asset protection by taking a systems approach to safety. The publication details the accident intervention system, which incorporates safety throughout the plant.

Torbeck Industries

Circle 319



Affinity foldable respirators are featured in a new product bulletin. The products meet 42 CFR Part 84 by providing 95% efficiency against the most penetrating aerosol particles.


Circle 320

Leak and spill response


Comprehensive 348-p buyer’s guide introduces more than 800 new products to help maintain a clean, safe, and productive workplace. The catalog offers product information, safety and maintenance tips, photos, and more. The information is divided into six product areas – absorbents, spill response, safety, maintenance, filtration, and material handling.

New Pig Corp.

Circle 321

Circuit protection


The Advisor is a comprehensive guide to products and solutions for circuit protection. Information is presented for fuses, fuse holders, and accessories. Easy-to-read reference charts and curves are included, along with features and benefits and ratings and approvals. Photos and graphics increase understanding of products.

Ferraz Shawmut, Inc.

Circle 322

Vertical lift module


A 6-p brochure highlights the Shuttle vertical lift module, an automated storage and retrieval system comprised of vertically arranged trays, ergonomically positioned extraction platform, and computerized controls. The literature shows how the unit helps to save up to 75% in floor space and increase productivity by 66%.

Remstar Intl., Inc.

Circle 323

Fire control products


A 6-p brochure describes rolling fire doors, operators, and accessories. Cornell Iron Works, Inc.

Circle 324

Airblast products


A 12-p brochure highlights a wide range of airblast rooms and components, including paint booths, recovery floor, room arrangements, and control valves. Detailed illustrations show applications for each component.

BCP, a div. of USF Surface

Preparation Group

Circle 325

Ground resistance testers


New brochure highlights a third-generation of clamp-on ground resistance testers with 0.10V resolution (a 10 times increase in sensitivity) and enhanced noise immunity. Two models – 3711 and 3731 – measure ground resistance from 0.01V-1200V without disconnecting the rod under test. Product features, functions, and specifications are included in the literature.

AEMC Instruments

Circle 326

Polyphase electric motors


A 12-p brochure describes the fundamentals of polyphase electric motors. The bulletin covers basic principles, various motor types, and performance characteristics,

Lincoln Motors

Circle 327

Continuous monitoring instruments


An 8-p bulletin describes continuous monitors for detecting toxic gases, oxygen, and combustible gases. Instruments featured include gas sensors and transmitters, HVAC monitors, and sampling systems and calibration kits.


Circle 328

Dust collectors


Intercept horizontal cartridge dust collectors are featured in a new 12-p brochure. The units collect airborne contaminants such as weld smoke, grindings, powders, and foundry dusts. The publication details the unique diffusion system, integral fan assembly design, and cleaning alternatives.

The Uni-Wash/Polaris Group

Circle 329

Hose pumps


A free 20-p catalog describes a line of hose pumps with pumping capacities up to 108 gpm at pressures to 220 psig. The catalog includes technical data, dimensional diagrams, product photos, typical applications, optional features, and more.

Barnant Co.

Circle 330