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Maintenance services Brochure describes support capabilities through the company's LifeLine Maintenance Services program.
By Staff February 1, 2001

Maintenance services

Brochure describes support capabilities through the company’s LifeLine Maintenance Services program. The brochure covers I/S Series Remote Plus support, web services that provide instant access to an extensive knowledge database, telephone support for immediate technical assistance, material management to fulfill parts requirements, and local support for onsite assistance.

The Foxboro Co.

Circle 316

Transport lines and workstations

A 20-p catalog and workbook provides information on transport lines and workstations that allow maximum flexibility for custom cell and assembly line configurations to meet production and manufacturing requirements. The book contains photos, technical drawings, specifications, and examples of cell layouts to assist in the design of efficient production lines.

Worksmart Systems

Circle 317


A line of redesigned receptacles is featured in a new foldout brochure. The new device features a deep-body design that was developed to minimize the possibility of receptacle and base separation. The receptacles also incorporate several design enhancements that are the result of customer research. Descriptions, specifications, and technical data are offered in the literature.

Hubbell, Inc., Wiring Device-Kellems

Circle 318

Safety eyewear

A 24-p catalog details the advantages of the Active WorkSite Collection of protective eyewear. The catalog lists features of the eyewear, which include a wide selection of lenses, such as Fog-Ban, blue mirror, and clear styles.

Dalloz Safety

Circle 319

Power distribution

New capabilities brochure explains the company’s solutions in the areas of distribution automation, power quality, reliability, and environmental protection. Training and other services are discussed in the literature.

Cooper Power Systems

Circle 320

Steel shelving

All steel, adjustable wide span shelving is featured in a new brochure. Included are specifications for upright frames and beams, lateral supports, locking devices, and decking materials.

Ridg-U-Rak, Inc.

Circle 321

Environment, health, and safety resources

A 40-p catalog contains products for training and compliance with environmental, safety, and health regulations. Law handbooks, compliance guides, training guides, and more are featured in the publication.

Government Institutes Div.,

ABS Group, Inc.

Circle 322

Scissor lifts

A 6-p brochure includes photos and descriptions for scissor lifts with work heights ranging from 21-47 ft and platform capacities of 500-1750 lb. A chart presents all models-both slab and rough terrain-with specifications and features.

Mayville Engineering Co., Inc.

Circle 323


Easy-to-use 22-p catalog is color-coded so the reader can quickly find the instruments for a particular application. Products include leak detectors, multimeters, thickness gauges, infrared thermometers, and more.

EPD Technology

Circle 324

PC systems

PC Systems Handbook for Scientists and Engineers provides a complete resource for more than 4000 hardware and software products. Photos, specifications, and application information are offered for each product.

CyberResearch, Inc.

Circle 325

Slide switches

A 6-p brochure provides technical specifications, dimensional drawings, and photographs of the 1K4 SMT and 1K2 PCB one-pole, two-position slide switches. These subminiature switches boost board function and enhance reliability, offering an alternative to shunt/pin header assemblies.

EAO Switch Corp.

Circle 326

Corrosion resistant linings and coatings

Handbook addresses the problem of corrosion and offers solutions. The pocket-sized book includes information on corrosion resistant lining systems and coatings, acid-proof brick lined vessels and floors, secondary containment, testing, and more. Charts, illustrations, and conversion formulas are included in the guide.

Electro Chemical

Engineering & Manufacturing Co.

Circle 327

Material handling solutions

Brochure provides a comprehensive overview of material handling products and services, including conveyors, monorails, AGV systems, bulk handling systems, and more.

Jervis B. Webb Co.

Circle 328

Aluminum welding solutions

A 10-p brochure details the challenges and solutions to welding aluminum. Specifications are included for the welding and plasma cutting products appropriate for use in light, medium, heavy-duty, automated, and high-tech aluminum applications.

Miller Electric Manufacturing Co.

Circle 329


“Spikeproof” inverter-duty CTAC motors are the topic of a new 8-p brochure. The literature details motor design practices, construction materials, and manufacturing techniques that contribute to the motor’s ability to survive damaging voltage spikes produced by a drive. Product specifications and benefits are provided.

Lincoln Motors

Circle 330


connectivity systems

A 200-p catalog features products for connecting, routing, managing, and identifying the network infrastructure. Diagrams, photos, and features are included.

Panduit Corp.

Circle 331

Automated storage and retrieval systems

A 6-p foldout brochure describes automated storage and retrieval machines for a variety of custom load handling applications. Several types of load handling devices are featured in the literature, along with product photos and application information.

Webb Triax

Circle 332

Wastewater treatment

A 6-p brochure highlights the company’s capabilities, systems, and manufactured equipment for wastewater treatment. Clarifiers, dissolved air flotation, granular media pressure filters, and coalescing oil/water separators are highlighted.


Circle 333

Oil/water separators

A 6-p brochure describes rectangular oil/water separators with flow rates of 5-1200 gpm. A cutaway diagram illustrates advantages of the separators, and a chart shows capacities for 16 models.

Highland Tank

Circle 334


Pressure and temperature instrumentation is featured in a 360-p catalog. Detailed diagrams and tables discuss pressure gauges, switches, chemical seals, transducers, transmitters, and thermometers.

WIKA Instrument Corp.

Circle 335

Circuit protection

The Advisor is a comprehensive guide to products and solutions for circuit protection. Information is presented for fuses, fuse holders, and accessories. Easy-to-read reference charts and curves are included, along with features and benefits and ratings and approvals. Photos and graphics increase understanding of products.

Ferraz Shawmut, Inc.

Circle 336