Liquid-cooled AC drive

By Plant Engineering Staff August 4, 2006

The Allen‑Bradley PowerFlex 700L liquid-cooled drive withstands increasingly rugged environments while driving high-performance and energy-efficient liquid-cooled technology. It features a single cooling input and output to the IGBTs. This proprietary, liquid-cooled heatsink increases power density resulting in a drive that is up to 65 percent smaller compared with similar horsepower air-cooled drives, the company says. Designed to simplify plumbing, it allows users to apply one line for the drive and dissipate heat to other liquids, such as recycled plant water — or in a water-to-air heatexchanger loop if the heat needs to be distributed back to the air. Available in ranges from 200 to 1,150 hp, the PowerFlex 700L features IGBTs instead of diodes in its AC to DC converter section. This provides the drive with an active rectifier that permits excess energy created by the motor to beregenerated into the facility’s power system. The regenerative energy is actively modulated so it will not create harmonic disturbances.

Rockwell Automation