By Staff November 1, 2003

Fixture installs easily

T-Bay T5 and T8 linear fluorescent high-bay fixtures feature hinged reflector and lamp assembly that swings down for easy ballast maintenance, hinged end plates that flip down to provide ample access to wiring chamber, mounting plates for through-wire boxes, knockouts for motion detectors, and top access plate. Fixtures offer compact electronic ballasts, high-efficiency optics, and highly reflective finish.

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Dimmable lamp saves energy

MP 440W/BU/e-Lamp/PS 440-W pulse-start metal halide lamp with electronic ballast is dimmable to 35% of full power and provides 60% more lumens than standard lamp using same watts per luminaire. Tipless arc tube technology provides better color uniformity. Lamp also features fast warmup and restrike times, weldless mount construction, and high lumen maintenance.

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Lamps last long

PL-H compact fluorescent lamp features high lumen output (up to 9000 lumens) and 20,000-hr rated life at 12 hr per start. Lamp system couples with 4-pin electrical connection and high-frequency electronic ballast. Lamp employs amalgam technology, which provides maximum light output over a wide operating temperature range. Lamp operates in multiple positions.

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Fluorescent luminaire provides high output

Lightwing T5 fluorescent high-bay luminaire provides HID light levels with fluorescent technology resulting in energy savings and low maintenance costs. Luminaire features instant on, multilevel switching for lighting control, dimming option for energy savings, 95% lumen maintenance, angled design, specular aluminum reflectors, hanging brackets, six T8 or T5 high-output (HO) fluorescent lamps, and more than 20,000 hr of lamp life.

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Tank light enables same-window viewing

Phaeton series tank lights are light emitting diodes (LEDs) that require less than 1 A to operate, minimizing power consumption to 7 W. Tank light features ring design that allows for lighting and viewing through the same sight window, low operating temperatures that do not affect the process inside the vessel, long life, and the ability to be removed easily to accommodate window, tank, or vessel maintenance.

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Ballast prevents flicker

Prismatron electronic ballasts for use with metal halide luminaires offer reduced energy consumption, color stability, silent operation, and flicker-free illumination. Ballasts can continually dim lamps rather than dim them in steps. If luminaire is turned off while in a dimmed state, hold-high capability allows lamp to return to full output power when reenergized. Ballasts consume fewer watts than magnetic core or coil versions.

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