Lever hoists

By Plant Engineering Staff January 19, 2007

The SLB Silver Series lever hoists feature a light-weight construction and better impact resistance for increased durability and reliability. Suitable for a variety of material handling and industrial applications, including maintenance and repairs, utilities, oil refineries, steel mills and foundries, shipbuilding and general construction, the hoists are available in five varieties with rated capacities ranging from 3/4-ton to 6 tons. They meet or exceed most regional safety requirements, are CE-certified and are designed for easier operation. Deep lug knobs and double-reduction gearing allow for one-handed operation, with minimal handle effort. Double chain guides ensure proper load-chain tracking and smooth operation around the load sheave. A premium-grade alloy load chain and hardened swivel-latch hooks provide additional durability and increase operator safety, while an automatic inertia brake minimizes operator error when a load is applied in free-chain mode. The hoists’ nickel- and chrome-plated exterior and zinc-plated frame protects them from corrosion. Encased and retained roller bearings and an open-frame design make maintenance easier.

Ingersoll Rand