Keeping enclosures cool is white paper topic

Rittal report looks at ways to keep electronics from overheating
By PLE Staff May 11, 2009

The modern business environment has transformed energy efficiency from a luxury sought after by so-called "green businesses" into a necessity for all operations that need to find ways to increase energy and cost savings without hurting productivity. Tightening budgets demand that ways be found to do more with less.
Sophisticated, sensitive electronics and drives are the backbone of many industrial applications and this equipment is often placed inside enclosures to protect it from the rugged environments it is deployed in. Depending on the surrounding temperature and other ambient conditions, it is imperative that these enclosures be cooled to ensure the proper performance of installed components and avoid heat-related downtime.
Rittal White Paper 303: Energy Efficient Enclosure Climate Control discusses tips for cooling industrial enclosures that can reduce energy consumption and save money by guiding readers through the various stages of creating energy efficient climate control solutions. Selecting products of the correct type and cooling output, optimized panel design, enclosure and climate control placement, routine maintenance and other helpful topics for boosting efficiency are all covered.
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