ISA’s wireless standards committee finishes use studies

By Plant Engineering Staff August 31, 2006

ISA’s wireless systems for automation standards committee announced Monday that it has completed nearly 20 use-case studies from end users.

The studies allow end users to describe their specific industrial wireless application requirements in their own words and provide structure to ensure adequate detail for the committee’s working groups. The use-cases that have been completed, and others in progress, cover a variety of industries, including oil and gas, water, nuclear, food processing, chemical, aerospace and automotive.

“As an end user, I’m thrilled to see the response of other end users from around the world,” said Greg LaFramboise of Chevron. “The use-case solicitation, and the overwhelming response to it, will help the committee draft a standard that truly speaks to the needs of the end user community.”

The use-case studies include data about site locations, objectives, applications, and tasks required for the wireless application functionality. The users provide thorough site descriptions, which describe specific variables about the location of deployment for a wireless system. The studies also look at what the wireless solution would accomplish.

Finally, the use-cases capture data about how individual tasks are accomplished and what type and Quality of Service is required for each user. For example, a user might require periodic reporting of monitoring valves, alerting and alarming services, or device diagnostics and maintenance.

End users are encouraged to volunteer to complete a study by contacting Lois Ferson, ISA Standards Manager, at , or by completing a survey located at .