ISA perspective on the convergence of IT and manufacturing

ISA InTech editor Gregory Hale said about the convergence of manufacturing and IT: “Bringing the two together is like a Wilfred Brimley oatmeal commercial: ‘It’s the right thing to do.’ It is also inevitable.” Find out what else Hale had to say.

By Jack Smith July 18, 2008

If the company is running well, and good things are happening, then “we” did it. But if the news is not so good, it’s likely “they” did it. The classic silos of technology — IT versus manufacturing — still exist in industry. However World-Class organizations are learning how to leverage the convergence of these empires.
ISA InTech editor Gregory Hale tackled this timely topic in his editorial the July 2008 issue. His commentary emphasizes the need for both sides to cooperate, communicate and collaborate. Not only do both “sides” win, but the impact of their combined (as in working together) efforts could benefit the enterprise beyond individual departmental levels.
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Author Bio: Content manager, CFE Media