ISA helps lead toward single wireless process standard

Committee's work seen as crucial to converge 100.11a and Wireless HART

By Plant Engineering Staff May 23, 2008

Convergence of the ISA100.11a and WirelessHART standards is now in the hands of a new subcommittee backed by leading process automation suppliers. ISA officials said the new group is crucial to developing the universal industrial wireless standards. The subcommittee is charged with comparing the ISA100.11a and WirelessHART technologies with a goal of a single converged ISA standard.

“This is an important development for industry since it furthers the mission of ISA100 to embrace relevant industrial wireless standards and serves the expressed needs of the end user community,” said Paul Sereiko of Airsprite. Sereiko and Dick Caro of CMC Associates with serve as co-chairs of the new subcommittee.

“On behalf of end users, I believe I can safely state that our ultimate goal is to have a single industry standard for process Schweitzer of ExxonMobil, Herman Storey of Shell Global Solutions helped push the subcommittee work forward.

Technology manufacturers were supportive of the move.

Dave Kaufman of Honeywell International added, “We remain committed to the final release of an approved ISA100.11a standard and to the subsequent collaborative evaluation of WirelessHART within the ISA100 family of universal wireless standards.”