Invensys launches InFusion

By Plant Engineering Staff April 14, 2006

Invensys introduced its enterprise control system to link the enterprise and plant floor systems. Called InFusion, the enterprise control system wraps technologies from Invensys’ Avantis, Foxboro, Simsci-Esscor, Triconex and Wonderware business units around its ArchestrA unified architecture, then combines it with integration technologies from Microsoft and SAP to create a business control strategy that optimizes asset availability and asset utilization to maximize the economic value derived from those assets. Company officials unveiling the system in Boston on April 11 said InFusion will help industrial enterprises more effectively align plant operations and maintenance with the business operation.

“By combining the latest capabilities from across Invensys into one unified architecture, Invensys has realized a step change in the utilization of open technologies and standards in a fully industrial system,” said Mike Caliel, president of Invensys Process Systems.

InFusion marks the emergence of the enterprise control system, which enables manufacturers to develop solutions that break down the traditional barriers that have, in the past, resulted in islands of automation. “Maximizing the performance of your manufacturing assets requires a two-pronged strategy: utilize real-time information from every area and plant to inform people and your business systems; and provide a dynamic feedback mechanism to allow you to swiftly respond to changes to optimize business performance throughout the enterprise,” said Greg Gorbach, vice president of collaborative manufacturing research at ARC Advisory Group. “Invensys’ Enterprise Control System is designed to work with existing enterprise and plant systems (Invensys or otherwise) to enable this strategy. The ultimate goal is to provide closed loop control for your business processes. At ARC, we believe that this is exactly what manufacturers are looking for.”