Interface connection port

This interface connection port allows users to connect devices to POWERLINK networks.

By Plant Engineering Staff December 20, 2008

POWERLINK interface connection port provides a high-performance, cost-efficient and open solution that allows users to connect devices to POWERLINK networks. The systems house for CAN, CANopen and real-time Ethernet automation solutions has adapted a POWERLINK stack to the architecture of STMicroelectronics’ STR912FA microcontroller.

The microcontroller unit combines a 32 bit ARM9 CPU, 96 kB SRAM, flash storage capacity between 512 KB and 2.1 MB, an Ethernet controller and a real-time clock. The solution ensures response times below 5

If the MCU is equipped with a larger flash memory, users can also implement a multi-protocol design, thus enabling connections to all software-based protocols such as Ethernet/IP, Mod-bus TCP or Profinet IO and RT. In order to adapt the solution for CANopen and DeviceNet networks, users merely need to connect a CAN transceiver.