Instruments & Controls

By Staff July 14, 2003

Position control

GNT 100 is a direct-mount actuator with 100 in.-lb of torque for valve and damper positioning applications. The actuator, which includes a 1-kOhm potentiometer for position feedback, is positioned by 120-Vac signals that turn the actuator CW or CCW. Optional 4_20-mA version (GNT100C-S) includes high and low fire end switches.

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Humidity/temperature transmitter

HX50 series humidity transmitters are designed for monitoring indoor air quality in HVAC industry. HH51 measures RH; HH52 simultaneously measures temperature and RH. Outputs are configurable for 0_1 Vdc, 0_5 Vdc, or 4_20 mA dc, and can be powered by 120 Vac, 220 Vac, or 10_30 Vdc. Options include an LCD display, RS-232C data link, and remote probe filter for dusty environments.

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Remote display

LaserLight series remote display is designed to improve visibility for any industrial scale application. The display employs a light-sensing feature that automatically adjusts the intensity of the display for optimum viewing under all ambient light conditions. The high-intensity LEDs provide a sharp image of weigh values for a distance of more than 220 ft.

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Electronic flow switch

FS 10 is an electronic flow switch that combines a solid-state relay with a flow sensor in one compact unit. The unit responds to flow rates in gas or liquid with temperatures from _13 F to 212 F and measures gas flow rates from 0.5 to 50-m/sec and liquid flow rates from 0.01 to 3 m/sec.

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Analog output modules

BusWorks 972PB and 973PB analog output modules deliver data from a Profibus-DP network as voltage or current signals to as many as six measurement or control devices. Modules feature 12-bit digital-to-analog (D/A) converters, failsafe outputs, and 3-way isolation.

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Acoustic sensors

Models 765M25 and 765M27 are high-intensity acoustic sensors (microphones) designed to measure gas-borne sound in the 100-Hz to 30-kHz range in industrial applications requiring operation up to 500 F. The acoustic sensors are constructed for use in corrosive environments.

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Hybrid control system

Micro 2008R and 2016R are ultracompact controllers with hot standby control. Built-in redundancy protects against failure from controller to I/O. The controllers combine PLC-like high-speed scanning with the complex control systems of a DCS.

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