Instruments & Controls

By Staff December 15, 2002

Super size it

Model 787 ProcessMeter, a combination digital multimeter (DMM) and loop calibrator has been upgraded with a “super-sized” display that is twice as large as the original 787. Also added is a 24-Vdc loop power supply, enhanced backlighting with two brightness settings, a HART mode setting with 250-ohm resistor, and an infrared I/O serial port. Fluke Corp. Write 300 on PE card

Infrared transmitter has built-in LED display

OS100 Series is a low-cost, CE-marked, miniature infrared transmitter system that features a remotely mounted infrared temperature sensor and high-performance, microprocessor-based signal conditioner. Its miniature sensor head design is ideal for measuring temperature in confined, hard-to-reach places and harsh environments. The sensor head is connected to the main electronics by a 6-ft shielded cable standard on all models. The signal conditioner’s main electronics are mounted in a rugged NEMA-4 rated diecast aluminum housing and feature adjustable emissivity, linear voltage, current, or type K thermocouple output calibrated for 0—1000-F measurement range. An adjustable high/low alarm output is standard on all models. OMEGA Engineering, Inc. Write 301 on PE card

Isolator mounts on DIN rail

DR4300 isolated signal conditioner can be supplied with inputs fromls with high common mode levels present, and for breaking signal grounds to prevent ground loops from inserting extraneous noise on the desired signal. Wilkerson Instrument Co. Write 302 on PE card

Power comes in small packages

DIN-A-MITE family of compact power controllers has been updated to provide SCR control, heatsink, wiring, and a touch-safe exterior in one package. The controllers feature higher output current, simplified packaging, and improved wiring capabilities. Available in four different packages, they have switching capabilities ranging from 16 to 100 A and voltages from 24 to 600 V. It can be mounted on a DIN rail or on a subpanel. Watlow Electric Manufacturing Co. Write 303 on PE card