Instruments & Controls – 2004-12-10

By Staff December 10, 2004

Localized UPS

Quint Buffer and Quint DC-UPS uninterruptible power supplies ensure continuous operation of 24 Vdc control devices at the control panel during power interruptions. For power interruptions lasting up to 4 sec, the buffer module supplies the required current from electrolytic capacitors.

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Ethernet link to PC-based control

T1H-EBC100 module provides an Ethernet link between the company’s Terminator I/O products and PC-based control software. Module supports TCP/IP, UDP/IP, and IPX at 10/100 Mbps.

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IR video upgrade

Omegascope OS530 series handheld infrared (IR) thermometer has been upgraded with a digital video camera and distance measuring options. Unit is a still camera as well as a video camcorder with built in microphone and speaker. Camera has 2M pixel resolution, 1.4 in. color LCD, USB port, slot for a memory card, and a free 32 MB Compact Flash memory card. Unit features adjustable emissivity, backlit dual LCD, 1 mV per deg analog output, and audible and visual high alarm.

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Vision sensing

Checker 101 is an economical vision sensor that can detect the presence of items during the manufacturing process and help users solve problems that could not be solved using photoelectric sensors. Designed to be easy to install, setup, and use, single purpose vision sensor operates with more rapid response time than multipurpose vision sensors.

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