Instruments & Controls – 2004-08-09

By Staff August 9, 2004

IR-to-TC converter

OSM101 infrared-to-analog converter module is a portable, miniature, low-cost, battery-powered unit that converts noncontact infrared energy to a compensated K-type thermocouple output. It operates with thermocouple metering, display, or recording devices. Unit uses laser circle/dot sighting for ease of aiming. Features include adjustable emissivity and low battery indicator.

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Multifunction psychrometer

RH350 superheat psychrometer is designed for HVACR, mold prevention, and plant maintenance applications. Instrument features a large display, which indicates relative humidity (rh); ambient air temperature; and either dew point, wet bulb, or external temperature. Memory stores up to 99 data points. Functions include date-and-time, minimum, maximum, and average readings.

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Panel flow display

M750 display unit/register accepts inputs from flowmeters, orifice plates, and vortex flowmeters. Unit indicates instantaneous flow rate as well as totalized flow. Instrument can be configured with single isolated 4—20 mA retransmission pod or a pair of normally open (NO) alarm relay pods. Alarms can be automatic or manual reset.

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Fiber optic controller

Series 00 multichannel fiber optic controllers reduce excessive wiring for multiple fiber applications with a single cable. Controllers are compact, mechanically robust, and available in 2, 4, 6, and 8-fiber DIN-rail mountable models. Units feature LCD operator interface that rotates 180-deg electronically for mounting and application versatility.

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Fiber optic tester

XC-8513 dual wavelength optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR) measures both fibers of a duplex fiber optic cable automatically with one connection. OTDR examines fiber optic systems to troubleshoot fiber segments, including the fiber and connectors at each end.

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