Instruments & Controls – 2004-07-08

By Staff July 8, 2004

Dual panel meter with math

PAXDP dual process input meter allows users to monitor, scale, and display two, independent input sources, perform high-speed math functions on the input values, and display the results. With optional plug-in cards, the meter can generate outputs that include alarm triggering, retransmission of analog signal, or data via many industrial networking protocols.

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Wireless I/O

XANT and N4ANT wireless I/O systems include transmitter, receiver, and antennae and associated enclosures. Transmitter/receiver system uses spread-spectrum frequency hopping with typical inplant range of 600_1000 ft. XANT is the explosion-proof system with cast aluminum enclosure that includes integral wire-sealing chamber. N4ANT is rated NEMA 4X for any industrial areas that require protection.

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Temperature controllers

Broad line of high-accuracy temperature controllers offers many types and sizes. Controllers feature accuracy of1/ 16 _

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Bench-top thermometers

MDSi8 and MDSSi8 bench-top digital thermometers are available in single and 10-channel models. Meters feature a portable, rugged, metal case with tilting handle and a programmable color display with larger-than-normal digits. Universal sensor input on single-channel units is programmable to accept standard thermocouples, RTDs, voltage or current signals. Options include RS-232/485 and Ethernet communications, analog output, and alarm relays.

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I/O modules

1794-IB32 and 1794-OB32P 32-point I/O modules are designed for I/O installations where more than 128 I/O points are required in a single location or panel. Modules save panel space by reducing the number of modules required. The 1794-IB32 is a 24-Vdc sink input module; the 1794-OB32P is a 24-Vdc protected-source output module.

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