Instruments & Controls – 2004-06-10

By Staff June 10, 2004

Temperature sensing

WATCOUPLE nonstandard thermocouple uses metals such as alloy 600 and nickel-silicon that ensure accuracy, stability, and availability. Materials enable sensor to be 4 times more accurate than type K special limits, and last 3 times longer. Sensor is based on IEEE 1451.4 smart sensor technology, communicating voltage table, calibration, manufacturing, and traceability information.

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87V digital multimeter (DMM) accurately measures voltage and frequency on variable frequency drives (VFDs), which create electrical noise that renders other DMMs unusable for this application. DMM also features built in thermometer, larger display digits, bright white backlight, and a magnetic hanger. Safety features include 600-V CAT IV and 1000-V CAT III ratings; it is engineered to withstand voltage spikes of 8 kV.

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Temperature handbook

Temperature Handbook Volume MMV 5th 5 th Edition offers detailed information and specifications on more than 40,000 products for process measurement and control in more than 1800 pp. The new edition contains thermocouples, thermocouple wire, RTDs, thermistors, infrared products, web-enabled controllers, paperless recorders, test equipment, calibration services, handheld instruments, connectors, data acquisition, humidity, transmitters, panel meters and displays, technical books, and articles.

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Thermal imaging

“Sharper, simpler, smarter” is the theme of updated web site that highlights infrared thermal imaging products. Site features detailed product information on company’s cameras and software, extensive applications library, and case studies.

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