Instruments & Controls – 2004-04-08

By Staff April 8, 2004

IR cameras

FlexCam series of upgradeable infrared (R) cameras are designed to perform fast, accurate thermal scans for applications that include predictive maintenance (PdM) and condition monitoring of plant equipment and electrical systems, roof inspection, and moisture detection.

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Heat trace alarms

Sentinel monitoring alarm option continually monitors supply voltage to each heat trace circuit. Voltage loss or ground fault triggers an automatic alarm condition, alerting plant personnel of critical process problems.

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Imaging thermometer

OS-XL 2-dimensional infrared thermometer equipped with a 64-element thermopile array that allows users to view and verify the measurement object on the LCD screen while simultaneously measuring its temperature. Unit can display and save data with graphic representation of the temperature distribution overlaid on an image of the object.

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Block I/O

Inline Block I/O modules include 16 and 32-channel digital block modules and are compatible with fieldbus protocols including Interbus, Profibus DP, DeviceNet, and CANOpen. Sensor and actuator cables can be connected without tools. Modules feature diagnostic indicators, data indicators, and color-coded wiring indicator.

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