Instruments & Controls – 2003-10-10

By Staff October 10, 2003

Voluntary recall

IDEAL Industries, Inc., Sycamore, IL, is conducting a voluntary recall of certain manufacturing lots of its voltage and voltage/continuity testers sold primarily in North America. The recalled units are tester models 61-065, 61-066, 61-067, 61-076, 61-079, and 61-080 manufactured in Sycamore, IL, and Ajax, Ontario, Canada, from November 1999 through May 2002. No other IDEAL tester, meter, or product is affected by the recall.

There are reports of the solenoid shorting at higher voltages without warning and blowing the faceplate off the unit. There have been two reports of users burned when using these units. Distributors, representatives, and customers have been notified of the recall.

For details on identifying a suspected tester, and/or to arrange for its return and replacement, call 877-557-8598, send an email to , or visit the web site at .

DCS market growth

An ARC Advisory Group study predicts the worldwide market for distributed control systems (DCSs) will grow from $9.1 billion in 2002 to more than $10.3 billion in 2007. However, ARC has scaled down its growth projections since its previous DCS study because of a more than 2% decline between 2001 and 2002.

Key vertical industry segment indicators remain unchanged. Process-intense industries, such as refining, petrochemical, power, steel, and pulp and paper continue to struggle.

IR camera

Model E4 lightweight and portable infrared (IR) inspection camera introduces a radiometric jpeg image format that allows image post processing on the camera or on a PC. It also provides three independent, movable-spot temperature cursors, and audible alarming for high, low, and delta-T thresholds. As the thermographer scans, the camera beeps when the threshold temperature has been reached within its field of view. The camera can measure 3 spot temperatures anywhere on the thermal image. Features include ambient temperature compensation, premium quality optics, laser target designator, rechargeable batteries, 60-Hz. real-time scan rate, a -4 F to 1652 F measurement range, and USB and serial port connections.

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Silicone rubber heaters

SRMU silicone rubber heating blankets are used for freeze protection, process temperature control, melting of solids, temperature heat-up, or maintenance. Heaters withstand chemicals, moisture, and abusive treatment, and feature rapid heat-up, steady temperature maintenance, and uniform heat distribution. The flexible, radiation resistant heaters come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, have an optional adhesive backing, and withstand continuous exposure to temperature up to 450 F.

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Wireless I/O

MCR-RT-I/O-PLUS integrated radio and expandable I/O module eliminates cable and conduit for analog and digital signals in harsh environments. Unit uses digital spread spectrum (DSS) frequency-hopping techniques to guarantee a license-free link without interference between remote devices and control room. Typical range within the plant is 600_1000 ft.

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Machine monitoring modules

XM Series, designed as a distributed network of modules deployed on an open standard industrial bus, has been expanded. The modules added to the series include Ethernet/IP gateway; low-frequency vibration module; gSE vibration module, which alternates between standard vibration and spike energy measurements to identify developing faults in rolling element bearings; and process and temperature modules that include intelligent monitors, making each module a complete monitoring system in a compact package.

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Burner control simulator

Quanta-Flame Simulator is a multifunctional tool for setting up and verifying proper operation of burner control systems. Features include flame rectification output for all flame-rod-type controls, UV scanner signal output, 4_20-mA signal source for testing actuators and other current-input devices, 4_20 signal receiver for testing instrument output, LED indicators, flame signal output adjustment, and easily accessible wiring terminals.

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