Instruments & Controls

By Staff July 1, 2005

Sensor/actuator junction boxes

Series 757 sensor/actuator junction boxes are new IP 67/68 rated additions to a related family of I/O products. The junction boxes safely extend control cabinet functions into the field and on machines and processes. The boxes are available with four, six or eight ports per box with either four or five poles per port (five-pole versions allow two signal lines per port). The master cable can be configured via M23 connector or pre-installed. Features include a spacer accessory for installation ease, LED indication and marking tags for every connection point.

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Temperature transmitter

PRTXD series two-wire transmitters provide a 4%%MDASSML%%20-mA signal that represents temperature. The units include a 3

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IR electrical inspections behind closed doors

Viewport is a UL-approved device that allows closed door IR inspections of electrical panels. Matched with a Spy-Glass fisheye lens, it allows an inspector to scan a panel by looking through a single small port. Thermal scans are accurate because there are no metal screens that can skew readings. There is no path to ground through the camera, making it safe for the camera operator.

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Flexible flowmeter

The ST75 Series Mass Flowmeter offers a simple and reliable solution to measure flow at a low cost. The flowmeter measures and monitors gas flows in line sizes fromervices a wide flow range, from 0.008 to 839 SCFM (0.013 to 1425 NCMH) depending on line size, which makes it equally well suited for low flow and high flow applications in industrial furnaces, ovens and heat-treating systems.

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AS-Interface rotary encoders

BVS58/BVM58 series AS-Interface absolute rotary encoders are available in single turn with 13-bit resolution or multiturn with 16-bit resolution versions. Both offer IP65 protection, and are available with a servo flange and 6 mm shaft, or clamping flange and 10 mm shaft. Series position value output is directed to the master within a single cycle via four integrated AS-Interface chips. A preset function allows the encoder to be set to zero at any time.

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