Instruments and Controls

By Staff October 10, 2004

Multichannel controller

ConsoliDator multichannel controllers come in four and eight-channel versions and feature an easy-to-read backlit LCD that shows inputs alphanumerically as well as a bar graph on one master input screen. Individual screens provide greater detail. Unit is designed to replace up to eight panel meters and include four pulse and four digital inputs, and nine 10-A relays.

Precision Digital Corp. , , Write 300 on PE card

Mobile power quality analyzer

The 430 series 3-phase handheld power quality analyzer has a trending function that records everything on the screen automatically, and a system monitor that provides a diagnosis of system performance against user-defined limits. Stored data can be viewed while continuing to record. Features include menu-driven interface for quick hookup; CAT III, 1000-V / CAT IV, 600-V safety rating; and rugged design.

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Wireless DP transmitter

Model WIDP wireless differential pressure (DP) transmitter can be operated as DP, orifice flow, open channel flow, or level transmitter. Features wireless transmission range of up to 3000 ft, battery life of up to 5 yr, bolt on brackets, and 900-MHz ISM license-free frequency-hopping spread-spectrum (FHSS) operation. Unit is FM approved and Class 1, Div. 1.

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Force and weight measurement

SWO load cell and TM0-2 amplifier/conditioner make up a system suitable for industrial force and weighing applications. Load cell is constructed from stainless steel and is available in ranges from 1000 to 50,000 lb. Amplifier provides excitation, balance, and span adjustment via precision 10-turn potentiometers and shunt calibration.

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Watertight enclosures

Premier series line of enclosures are made of fiberglass, feature poured polyurethane seamless gaskets for watertight and dustproof seals, and are well suited for mounting instruments and controls. Opaque, hinged cover models with pull latches or screw covers as well as clear-hinged models with screw covers or link-locked latches are also available.

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Humidity/temperature transmitter

HX94 relative humidity/temperature transmitter provides a reliable and low-cost method for duct or wall-mount monitoring applications. The transmitter is ideal for HVAC applications. Solid-state sensors provide excellent sensitivity, fast response, and stability. Simple hookup and linearized output permit interfacing with most display and control devices.

Omega Engineering, Inc. , , Write 305 on PE card

Single-display temperature controllers

ETR-3000 and ETR-9000 temperature controllers feature bumpless transfer, digital communications, and regulated power supply output with 5, 12, and 20 Vdc models designed to drive various sensors or transmitters. ETR-3000 is NEMA 4X1/ 32 DIN. Both controllers have dual outputs.

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Handheld code readers

DataMan 6400 and DataMan 6500 handheld readers combine high-speed processing with optimized lighting, optics, and software for fast, accurate decoding of 1-D and 2-D codes. The DataMan 6400 is designed for reading codes produced by laser and ink jet marking. The DataMan 6500 reads very low-contrast codes formed by electrochemical etching and dot peen marking in addition to laser and ink jet marks.

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Hot runner controllers

RMB and RMC series of mainframe-style hot runner controllers accept J or K-type thermocouples. RMB allows users to view process temperature and current reading simultaneously. Controller is designed for runnerless molding applications. RMC allows users to adjust the current trip from 1 to 15 A, and features a bakeout mode that prevents moisture at startup.

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