Instruments and controls – 2005-01-10

By Staff January 10, 2005

Self-configuring level meter

OPTIFLEX 1300 C TDR level meter measures distance, level, and volume of liquids, pastes, and solids. It is available with five different probes — single rod, double rod, single cable, double cable, and coaxial. Meter’s maximum measuring range is from 13-115 ft, depending on the probe type. Installation and setup requires user to fit the gauge to the tank, wire it, and turn it on. A Setup Wizard asks questions to define the tank and the product to be measured.

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Analog-style voltmeter

SP5 1710-BL voltmeter has a large LCD that shows a 17-position analog-style display. The voltmeter has a full-scale deflection of 1 V with needle indication that can be center or left justified. Display features permanent color scale and markers to identify measurement status. Ultra low profile, splash proof housing contains green LED backlight.

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Pressure transmitter

Series 626-GH industrial pressure transmitter offers 0.25% full-scale accuracy whether measuring vacuum or pressure. Unit can be vacuum, combination vacuum and pressure, or pressure. Standard pressure ranges are 0—5 to 0—5000 psig. Stainless steel transmitter can be used to sense pressure of air, compatible gases, and liquids.

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Pressure transducer

Model 528 strain gauge pressure transducer is designed for robust industrial and submersible applications such as hydraulic test, bore-hole level, and vehicle test applications that require high performance in extreme environments. Suitable for semiconductor processing, robotics, natural gas equipment, power plants, HVAC compressors, and refrigeration, unit’s strain gauge design is resistant to aging, and thermal transients.

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Paperless recorder

RD8900 series paperless recorder saves space, requiring less than 7 in. behind panel. Unit monitors, records, and evaluates data from many automation applications, and presents them in real time on a high-resolution, color display. Users can access data on the screen, as well as from a remote site via standard Ethernet or optional serial interface. Historical data may be stored in flash ROM, compact flash card, or remote host PC for evaluation and printout.

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Remote I/O modules

BusWorks 900EN series I/O modules interface up to 12 analog or discrete I/O signals to an EtherNet/IP network. Each remote I/O module can operate independently of a buscoupler. Available modules include discrete I/O; analog input modules, which interface dc voltage, current, or temperature signals from sensors to the network; and analog output modules, which provide dc current or voltage control signals for displays, drives, or other analog devices.

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Clamp-type ground tester

DET10C and DET20C ground testers are designed to measure earth/ground resistance and current flow without disturbing existing connections. Testers employ clamp-on technology, ensuring safety and convenience. Units are suitable for measuring resistance and continuity of grounding loops around pads and buildings, as well as inspecting and verifying lightning protection systems.

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Paperless chart recorder

Model RH520 humidity and temperature paperless chart recorder may be desk or wall mounted and provides simultaneous numerical and graphical displays of humidity from 20%—95% RH and temperature from -20 to 140 F. Recorder also calculates dew point. Multiple graphic displays are cursor controlled and have adjustable X/Y axis resolution, allowing users to monitor both temperature and humidity within user-specified range.

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Digital color camera

TMC-6700CL progressive scan CCD digital color camera features

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