Instruments and controls – 2004-03-10

By Staff March 10, 2004

Pressure gauges

Thermoplastic pressure gauges monitor vacuum and positive system pressures up to 15,000 psi and feature 41/2 and 6-in. dial sizes. Gauges have lower back mount and bottom mount configurations, and are available with male NPT or tube adapter end connections.

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Status datalogger

Series OM-50 dataloggers record device on/off or open/closed states and store the time and date for each. Units have LED status indicators as well. Datalogger connects to PC using RS-232 interface and is Windows compatible.

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Temperature controller

E5AR and E5ER multiloop temperature/process controllers have a fast sampling time and allow selection among thermocouple, platinum RTD, analog current, or analog voltage inputs. Controllers display process variable (PV), setpoint (SP), and other important data in a backlit LCD display.

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Wireless I/O

RAD-DATA-BUS system data radios move RS-232, RS-422, and RS-485 serial data from any PLC or controller with Modbus or DF1 protocols and allows users to read and write analog and digital I/O from remote locations. Each transceiver is a master, slave, and store-and-forward repeater.

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Pocket temperature probe

TPP temperature pocket probes allow quick temperature checks of liquids and surfaces. Features include 0.1-F resolution, LCD display, data hold, protective cover with pocket clip for immersion probe, and included battery. Probes come in F and C versions.

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