Instruments and Controls – 2004-01-10

By Staff January 10, 2004

I/O block

Inline Block I/O is a new family of block-style I/O modules. Units include 16 and 32-channel digital block modules and are compatible with fieldbus protocols that include Interbus, Profibus DP, DeviceNet, and CANOpen. Sensor and actuator cables can be connected without tools through the use of removable wiring arms.

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Multifunction calibrator

QuikCal 190 Series multifunction calibrator includes a built-in pump for fast pressure calibrations at the touch of a button. This upgraded version features additional ESD protection, enhanced reliability, and increased longevity of plug-in modules. Although primarily a pressure calibrator, unit also simulates and measures dc voltage and current, thermocouple equivalent, and RTD.

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Smart camera

Series 550 smart cameras operate up to 8 times faster than previous generation vision sensors. Incorporating Texas Instrument DSP processor, increased RAM, and flash memory, this next-generation smart camera family features gray scale and color-imaging models, high speed, and choices of resolution, depending on application requirements. All models use proprietary FrameWork software.

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Distributed I/O

Advantys STB modular distributed I/O system integrates I/O modules, power distribution, and device integration into a single design that simplifies engineering, wiring, and connectivity issues. System makes it possible for only one fieldbus node to distribute I/O across an entire machine or process. Systems can be monitored remotely through built-in Ethernet web server. Isolated power distribution buses allow outputs to be managed independently from inputs.

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Digital gauge

Service Junior is a hand-held gauge that automatically records momentary pressure spikes on hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Unlike oil-filled gauges that require constant monitoring of bouncing needles, this gauge locks minimum and maximum readings into its memory. Gauge works using piezoelectric principles, which changes electrical properties as the diaphragm is compressed by applied pressure.

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