Instruments and Controls – 2003-02-15

By Staff February 15, 2003

Temperature transmitter

OM-CP-RFTEMP101 is a miniature, wireless, battery-powered, stand-alone, temperature transmitter that can be started and stopped through an externally accessible pushbutton. Data are received at the PC using an antenna that attaches directly to the computer’s serial port. Received data are time and date stamped, and stored on your PC. Numerous transmitters may send data to the same receiving station. OMEGA Engineering, Inc. Write 317 on PE card

Portable indicator

UPT1000 is a portable indicator that accepts eight different thermocouple inputs, 3 different, RTD inputs, current, and voltage in one instrument. It also features an ANSI miniplug and screw-type connectors for input. The indicator can display 18 different user-selectable engineering units on a 41/2-digit backlit LCD display. The accuracy of the instrument is 0.25% of full-scale measurement. It is housed in a rugged extruded aluminum case. Love Controls Write 318 on PE card

Fieldbus I/O module

Fieldline is a family of machine-mountable I/O products that can be implemented on a number of fieldbus protocols, including DeviceNet, CANopen, INTERBUS, and Profibus DP. The modules, which support several mounting options, feature integrated diagnostics that provide local indication of bus error states and I/O device status. Bus-specific parameters, such as baud rate and addresses, are set externally to the modules with a standard screwdriver. Phoenix Contact, Inc. Write 319 on PE card