Instruments and Controls – 2003-01-15

By Staff January 15, 2003

I/O interface

BusWorks 900PB Series I/O Modules interface analog and discrete I/O signals directly to a Profibus-DP network. The twelve-channel I/O modules do not require a separate bus coupler like block I/O. Modules are only an inch wide for compact mounting on DIN-rails. Discrete I/O modules are ideal for on/off monitoring and control of industrial devices. Analog I/O modules interface dc voltage or current input signals with the network controller. Flexible power requirements support operation on 12-36-Vdc or 24-Vac power supplies. Acromag, Inc. Write 306 on PE card

Vibration monitor

VSI vibration monitor minimizes the risk of catastrophic equipment failure and expensive shutdowns by detecting under and over vibration conditions that could signal trouble. Vibration levels over a preset alarm limit could indicate equipment wear. Vibration levels under a preset alarm limit could indicate that a machine has stopped working. Small, light, and economical, the monitor features LED indicators that tell operators at a glance if a machine requires attention or preventive maintenance. Electro-Sensors, Inc. Write 307 on PE card

IR temperature control

OMEGA iR2 is an ultrahigh-performance temperature measurement and control system designed for difficult and demanding applications such as semiconductor processing. It uses a 2-color ratio technique for precise measurement and control of temperatures from 300 to 3000 C, even when it’s measuring a small, moving target with changing emissivity viewed from outside a window. It comes with a compact lens and flexible fiber optic cable, and features unique through-the-lens laser sighting for precise focus and alignment, PID control output, and a choice of networking options, including Ethernet and serial communications. Omega Engineering, Inc. Write 308 on PE card