Instruments – 2003-11-01

By Staff November 1, 2003

IR camera is easy to use

IR FlexCam infrared camera for noncontact temperature measurement and predictive maintenance use is ergonomically designed for ease of use. The 180-deg articulating lens joint and large display facilitate scanning of awkwardly positioned targets. Camera includes FlexView image storage and analysis software, which retains the 14-bit temperature values and provides image and problem analysis capabilities.

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Flowmeter saves space

DIVA compact flowmeter for saturated steam features density compensation, wide turndown and exceptional accuracy. No additional impulse lines or differential pressure transmitters are needed, resulting in space savings, easier installation, less chance for mistakes, and easier maintenance. The standalone flowmeter requires no other equipment to calculate mass flow rates for saturated steam.

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Instrument links sound to data

Ultraprobe 10,000 portable ultrasonic instrument can be used for predictive maintenance and equipment condition analysis. Its onboard data logging, sound recording, and data fields enable users to create specific types of responses and displays. The FFT software allows recorded sounds that are linked to stored data to be viewed in spectral and time series views. Data management software allows data to be exported to Microsoft Excel or Access.

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Transmitter lowers installation cost

Model 2500 MVD , a Coriolis transmitter in DIN-rail packaging, is 1/3 the size of typical transmitters, features multivariable digital signal processing, and uses standard 4-wire cabling. Unit provides output for mass flow, volume flow, density, temperature, and flow totals. Additional output options include 10-kHz frequency, 4-20 mA, discrete outputs, and user-configurable HART and Modbus connectivity.

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Thermal imager aids PdM

ThermoView Ti30 thermal imager for predictive maintenance (PdM) displays thermal images and temperature scans quickly and smoothly. Imager is easy to use, affordable, and includes software for analysis and reporting. Capabilities include 32-F to 482-F measurement range, adjustable emissivity and reflected temperature compensation, 90:1 optical resolution, and storage capacity for 100 temperature-calibrated images and data.

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DMM and IR thermometer in one unit

Model 470 combines an autoranging digital multimeter (DMM) with a noncontact infrared (IR) thermometer. The DMM function features true RMS functionality, 4000-count display, 0.3% basic dcV accuracy, capacitance and frequency functions, and type K thermocouple measurement capability. IR function features a built-in laser pointer and measurement range of -4 F to 520 F.

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IR camera enables fast inspections

ThermaCAM E4 compact, lightweight, handheld infrared (IR) camera features post-processing temperature measurement and alarm capabilities. Camera integrates temperature measurement functionality with the familiar, industry-standard jpeg file format. Images can be inserted into standard word processing or desktop publishing applications, or further analyzed or manipulated on the camera or a PC.

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Gauge replaces three instruments

Types 2074, 2174, and 2274 digital industrial gauges feature local digital indication with switching and transmission capabilities. Gauge includes 4—20-mA output, up to 2 SPDT switches,

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IR thermometer measures quickly

Mini TempTestr IR infrared thermometer is small enough to fit in your pocket. Thermometer measures the surface temperature of liquids, solids, or semisolids in less than 1 sec. Unit features a minimum/maximum memory reading, hold function, continuous-on setting, adjustable emissivity, flip-open stand, easily read display, and soft-touch keypad. Measurement range is -33 F to 430 F.

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Sensor improves accuracy

Infosense temperature sensor technology improves the accuracy of existing thermocouples and RTDs by at least 50%. Using information known about each sensor’s characteristics and inputting it into a controller enables accuracy to be doubled. Reduction in measurement uncertainty greatly reduces process variation. Sensor technology enables better accuracy with lower material cost.

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Load meter adds communications

Pro-Mon load profiling meter with Ethernet/IP and Modbus RTU communications options added is a flexible and versatile platform for metering needs in industrial building/energy management and control systems. Ethernet/IP-addressable meter provides an RF-45 connector that allows a single meter or up to 52 daisy-chained meters to be connected to a LAN. Modbus enhanced meter can integrate meter data through standard RTU protocol.

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Thermometer displays analog and digital

Digi-Tel family of electronic digital thermometers combines the easy, quick visual reference feature of a local indicator and the precision of a digital readout with the flexibility and versatility of interchangeable probes. Build-your-own thermometers read temperatures up to 1200 F and are either battery or solar powered. Units are available with dual analog and digital display, or digital only. LCD graduations have appearance of traditional dial instrument.

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Option combines utility metering

RTU option for ION 7500 meter converts the meter into a dedicated RTU for combined “wages” utility metering — water, gas, electricity, and steam. Integrated multiport communications include Ethernet. The RTU automatically collects, scales, and logs readings from a large number of connected meters or transducers and deliver information to one or more head-end systems through a combination of integrated Ethernet, modem, or serial gateways.

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