By Staff August 1, 2005


The FlexMASSter ST98 flowmeter series features a 316L stainless steel thermal mass flow-sensing element with an all-welded surface. The flowmeter series supports a wide range of gas flow measurement applications and provides precise and repeatable measurement for such applications as high purity gas lines, pill coater air flow monitoring, CIP and SIP flow and temperature monitoring, condenser/evaporator flow control and scrubber gas discharge monitoring.

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Gas ignition control

The 36-60-EC Edge-Connect gas ignition control for 24 VAC OEM applications. The control eliminates miswiring, increases installation speed and, when compared to quick connect designs, reduces repetitive motion stress during assembly. Applications include furnaces, boilers, radiant and infrared heaters, hearth, water heaters, commercial cooking, dryers and similar gas-fired equipment.

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Pressure transducers

PX209 series pressure transducers are designed for tough vibration and shock environments. The sensor uses a micro-machined diffused silicon diaphragm and proprietary thin film media and dielectric isolation barriers. A proprietary ASIC provides temperature compensation from -4 degrees F to 176 degrees F, and tight tolerances for zero, balance and span. Packaged in a stainless steel housing, the transducers are impervious to almost all industrial liquids and gases.

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Current monitoring

CMR-600D current monitoring system includes a split-core current sensor, two-wire current transmitter and a current monitor display with two adjustable setpoint alarm relay outputs. The system is ideal for monitoring undercurrent or overcurrent conditions. Outputs can be used for further processing, control functions, alarming or load control and simple power-factor correction.

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Instrumentation amplifier

The AD8553 instrumentation amplifier (in-amp) offers precision at voltages as low as 1.8 V, and a high signal-to-noise ratio. Applications include medical, industrial and communications designs where precision is mandatory. Its high dc accuracy is also of benefit to low-side current sensing and other monitoring functions in communications control systems.

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