By Staff September 1, 2005

Machinery health monitor: the next generation

The CSI 4500 Machinery Health Monitor provides multi-channel, simultaneous live turbine monitoring and data extraction for main power and critical process turbines. The monitor can capture information before, during and after an event. Orbits, shaft centerlines, Bode/Nyquist, waveform and cascade plots can be seen live and simultaneously on all bearings using the dual-monitor feature. Up to 32 channels of vibration, shaft position or temperature information can be monitored, viewed and recorded. Up to 16 optional tachometers can be included. Relays provide shutdown protection or alert notification.

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Smart gateway makes the connection

FactoryCast Gateway TSX ETG 1000 integrates network interfaces, RAS/router function and a customizable Web server into a compact, standalone hardware device. Features include a transparent gateway that connects Modbus RTU devices to the TCP/IP infrastructure; RAS/Remote access that allows you to securely monitor and program Modbus devices remotely; and a configurable Web portal. The gateway includes 10/100 Base-T Ethernet port; Modbus RTU port; configurations/modem port with peer-to-peer connections; Web server with 8-MB flash memory; and LED indicators for run, error and Rx/Tx.

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PLC control with PC features

The I/O-IPC Series 758-870 control platform combines PC features with the ruggedness of a PLC and connectivity to the IT world. PLC features include DIN rail mounting; direct connection of 750 and 753 Series I/O modules; IEC 61131-3 programming environment; onboard digital I/O interface with watchdog; real-time clock; and optional fieldbus master (or slave) interface. PC features include two independent Ethernet ports; two USB ports; integrated Web server for configuration, testing and retrieval of technical documentation; RS-232 serial port; and digital video and CompactFlash interfaces.

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