Initial batch of cellulose-based oil for industrial fuel produced at new Ontario plant

Vancouver, British Columbia-based Dynamotive Energy Systems Corporation recently completed the initial production run of BioOil at its new production facility in Guelph, Ontario. The batch is the first in a series of tests to bring the plant up to full production capacity.

By Staff May 24, 2007

Dynamotive Energy Systems Corporation, Vancouver, British Columbia, recently completed the initial production run of BioOil in its new plant in Guelph, Ontario. It was the first of a number of test runs designed to take the plant to full production.

Intermediate grade BioOil, which has a higher calorific value than regular BioOil, was produced during the run. Dynamotive plans to market it under the name BioOil Plus as an alternative to heating oil, fuel oil, natural gas and propane in industry. Specification on BioOil Plus and industrial application information for the fuel are available at the company’s website .

“Cellulose-based fuels present the next frontier in sustainability,” said Dynamotive president and CEO Andrew Kingston. “Dynamotive believes that BioOil presents a third alternative liquid fuel to coexist with ethanol and biodiesel. By being able to exploit any cellulose raw materials, e.g. forest industry residues, bark, biomass from fields, I believe we can become a great contributor to the energy mix and accelerate the adoption of cellulose based fuels.”