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Surfing... provides an easy way for electrical industry professionals to use the internet to do their work more efficiently and successfully.
By Staff February 1, 2001

Surfing… provides an easy way for electrical industry professionals to use the internet to do their work more efficiently and successfully. Contractor View restructures the content of the home page so that information is specific to the user. The site offers resources, such as a desk reference that helps contractors find distributors, estimating software that links contractors with electronic solution packages, an electrical safety link that provides information from NESF and gives on-the-job safety tips, information on code compliance, and market information. brings together critical information, products, and services. The site currently has more than 30,000 pages of technical data, reports, and technical advice. Online directories offer full access to corrosion products and services. It now offers corrosion resistance tables in a keyword-searchable electronic format on a pay-per-use basis. provides an overview of the company’s product line and highlights models geared toward specific applications. The site provides such details as product description, photography, outline drawings, and specifications. Products are grouped into application-specific categories. It also offers on-line ordering. has been redesigned to feature an online catalog, cross-reference guide, new product profiles, sales and distributor locators, and a resource area with application and product information. Users can check stock availability, check order status, and track orders.

Automation and technology foster efficiency

Enterprise-wide connectivity and web-enabling products continue to appear on the horizon. Whether tracking downtime, monitoring power quality, or generating reports, automation and technology make the plant floor more efficient. Plant Engineering continues to report on products and trends that affect your plant.

Power meters e-mail alarms and status

MeterM@il and WebMeter are features available for the 7500 ION and 7600 ION power meters. MeterM@il enables the meters to automatically send high-priority alarm notifications or scheduled system status updates as e-mail messages over a workstation, cell phone, pager, or personal data assistant (PDA). The power meters exchange information using XML. The WebMeter browser allows users to access each power meter from any web-enabled device.

Power Measurement Ltd.

Circle 201

Wireless sensor system monitors machines

HiDRA is a wireless sensor system that consists of a network of communicating nodes for plant floor machinery. Each node connects to various sensors to detect conditions, such as vibration and temperature. The node also contains a processor to convert raw sensor data into useable information about machine performance. It also contains a low-power radio transmitter. The nodes “learn” machine parameters and trends from sensor data and can be programmed to change measurement and analysis tasks.

Rockwell Science Center

Circle 202

Dual camera integrates with plant automation

The F150-3 vision sensor allows users to perform two-camera inspections and measurements simultaneously. A graphical user interface (GUI) enables users to create flowcharts with up to 64 items. The light source can be programmed to control light intensity and light angles. The light settings can be saved in up to 16 scenes. The machine vision sensor can be integrated with other plant automation.

Omron Electronics, Inc.

Circle 203

Software tracks downtime

i DownTime helps users pinpoint the causes of production downtime. Users can define and track by individual units or collectively for a line, find problem areas via root cause analysis, identify under-performing production areas, and improve asset utilization. It includes ActiveX Control, Configuration Expert and i FIX toolbar, Microsoft Excel add-in, sample downtime reports, and a run-time version of Microsoft SQL Server 7.


Circle 204

Deterministic rail switch operates in half and full-duplex modes

The RS2 Fast Ethernet rail switch is designed for real-time mid-sized and large Fast Ethernet networks in a harsh production environment. Operating at 100 Mbit/s in half-duplex mode and 200 Mbits/s in full-duplex mode, it facilitates deterministic data transmission and rapid media redundancy. If a component or line failure occurs, the ring structure switches within 300 ms to the redundant, activated standby replacement connection. The network can transmit data up to 2000 km.

Hirschmann, Inc.

Circle 205

Automation system connects machines to the internet

Transparent Factory web-based factory automation system used open-standard technology to enable business users to monitor the status of their manufacturing and process operations from anywhere in the world via the internet. The machines are connected to the internet through web-enabled PLCs that support open standard TCP/IP and Ethernet communication protocols.

Schneider Electric

Circle 206

Report package shares information

The I/A Series report package allows users to build production reports and distribute them by e-mail, intranet, internet, or conventional hard copy. The software runs under Windows NT on workstations, personal computers, or server-class computers. It includes a GUI that allows reports to be created in Excel, a scheduler that uses either calendar or event triggering, customizable report templates, and an automatically purging report archive.

The Foxboro Co.

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