Information as a strategic asset

By Bob Vavra, CFE Media October 1, 2018

In a time of Manufacturing 4.0, the collection of data on the plant floor has reached new levels. The actual use of that data lags far behind, and it’s a concern expressed by several industry leaders. Just collecting data isn’t enough, but with an effective way to turn information into action, the data becomes a tool that can affect real change in your operation. "Integrating a smart plant lifecycle management-based data aggregator solution to collect, store, and analyze such massive data sets generated from multiple sources can help companies make more informed decisions and in turn reap rich dividends," said Anand Chordia of L&T Technology in the September issue of Plant Engineering. "This data can be made available throughout the enterprise to help stakeholders plan, operate, and execute changes to the plant functions more easily and that too, with minimal financial repercussions."

Bob Vavra, content manager for Plant Engineering, CFE Media,