Industrial multiport USB modules

By Plant Engineering Staff April 25, 2007

The USB-4750 (32-channel isolated digital I/O USB module), the USB-4751 (48-channel TTL digital I/O USB module), and the USB-4751L (24-channel TTL digital I/O USB module) modules have been specifically designed for industrial environments and include USB connectors with screw fasteners and DIN-rail mounting kits. They draw power directly from the USB port and therefore do not require an external power supply. Relying on the plug-and-play features of USB, these modules are so easy to use that users need less than five minutes to setup before acquiring data. The USB-4750 has isolation protection of 2,500 Vdc, making it an ideal solution for industrial applications where high voltage protection is required. It has 16 isolated digital inputs and 16 isolated digital output channels, supports 5 Vdc to 40 Vdc isolated input channels, and has a high sink current on the isolated output channels (100 mA/channel). The USB-4751 has six 8-bit I/O ports whereas the USB-4751L has three 8-bit ports. A 50-pin IDC box header connector provides an easy interface to relay or SSR daughter boards. There’s one event counter and three 16-bit timers, which can be cascaded to become a 32-bit timer. All the modules include interrupt handling and are compatible with USB 1.1/2.0.

Advantech Corp.