In-line ultrasonic flowmeter

By Plant Engineering Staff October 13, 2006

The FDT100 Series comprises advanced-technology water flowmeters and uses transit-time ultrasonic technology, in which the signal is transmitted and received alternately between two flow sensors. Time-of-flight determines flow rate. Battery-powered transmitters come in either integrally-mounted display or remote-mount versions. Long-term stability and a measurement range make it possible to measure both water consumption and to monitor systems for water leakage. Because the FDT100 Series has no moving parts, system pressure loss is minimal and filtration is not required, the company reports. Flow-rate or flow-total can be displayed at the push of a button, and installation is aided by 150-pound ANSI flanges, in sizes ranging from 2 to 8 inches. Applications include commercial and consumable water measurement.

Omega Engineering, Inc.