By Staff April 28, 2003

Bright light stand

Port-A-Lite 1250W2 is a metal halide light stand that provides portable, high-intensity lighting. The efficient, super-high output (SHO) lamp fixture is 25% brighter than the model it replaces. The parallel design holds the lamp in the optimum horizontal burning position. The insulated lamp tip supports isolate the lamp from damaging vibration. The single-fixture light stand features a smooth, rounded two-wheel base and telescoping tower that extends to 10 ft. Allmand Bros., Inc. Write 325 on PE card

Fluorescent fixture

T-Bay fluorescent fixture, which contains the mounting flexibility of high bays and includes T5 or T8 linear fluorescent lamps, is designed to replace conventional HID lighting in industrial applications. The fixture accepts multiple suspension methods, including 3/4-in threaded pipe for direct replacement of existing high- bay fixtures. Its ends and reflector panels are hinged for easy mounting, wiring, and quick access to the ballast chamber. A 4-lamp 54 W HO T5 fixture requires 239 W as compared to 454 W for metal halide with the same lumen output. Crescent/Stonco Write 326 on PE card

Ballast for fluorescent lamps

Centium ICN-2S28 is an electronic ballast that is designed to operate up to two 35, 28, 21, or 14-W T5 fluorescent lamps. The ballast allows 120-277 Vac operation at 50 or 60 Hz. It features a low-profile, 1-in.-high enclosure. Color-coded poke-in connectors minimize installation time while helping ensure wiring accuracy. It also features rapid start lamp ignition, high power factor (>0.98), and a total harmonic distortion (THD) specification of less than 10%. Advance Transformer Co. Write 327 on PE card

Hazardous area incandescent lighting

Series 381 and 383 lines of explosion-proof and vapor-proof incandescent lighting fixtures for hazardous and nonhazardous areas include models designed for ceiling, pendant, box, and stanchion mounting. Both designs share design features that enhance reliability and prolong operating life. All fixtures are constructed of cast aluminum and equipped with heat and impact-resistant prismatic glass globe protected by a die-cast guard. LDPI, Inc. Write 328 on PE card

Ballast fliers

Triad High Efficiency, and AccuStart ballasts are highlighted in three new product fliers, which provide specifications, catalog numbers, wiring diagrams, and appropriate lamp applications. High Efficiency ballast families feature energy savings; Accustart electronic ballasts feature programmed rapid start for short-cycle applications. Universal Lighting Technologies, Inc. Write 329 on PE card

Lighting fixture brochure

Illuminaire, The New Shape of Light is the title of a color brochure that details a new line of prismatic glass lighting fixtures for light industrial applications. The fixtures are available in five styles: Egg, Crest, Tri-Egg, Tri-Crest, and Quad. The illustrated brochure details fixture advantages, finishes, lamp choices, mounting heights, and options. Holophane Write 330 on PE card