Illuminated-ring keys

By Plant Engineering Staff September 21, 2006

Illuminated-ring keys considerably improve visual components, provide more security, and should be present on all operator panels that control modern machines and systems, according to the company. Its illuminated-ring keys are composed of a short-stroke key, a source of light and high-performance LEDs. The main component is the luminous ring, which is said to provide evenly distributed light around the key. This facilitates readability and signal effectiveness, even at great distances.The illuminated-ring keys have a total diameter of 25 mm (1 inch), with 16 mm (0.6 inches) for the actual pressing area. The short-stroke key, with either embossment or a raised edge, has a lifespan of at least 1 million uses. LEDs are available in red, green and yellow and can be combined as needed into one or two-color variants. Legend strips provide flexibility for key labels.
B&R Industrial Automation Corp.