HVAC controls market poised to grow

ARC study: Global expansion, energy efficiency will push HVAC up 30% by 2011

By Plant Engineering Staff July 20, 2007

The worldwide HVAC controls market continues to grow

“The goal is to develop intelligent HVAC solutions capable of providing facilities managers the ability to base operational decisions on real-time performance data and uncover hidden costs,” www.arcweb.com/res/hvac ).

The move to upgrade existing HVAC system in mature markets drives some of the growth, as buidling owners and operators focus on what ARC called the “long-term
“ARC expects HVAC controls to expand in functionality, convenience, scalability, and accessibility,” the study noted. “They will be employed to support a broader range of applications, from the largest enterprises to more focused solutions that can grow in functionality as companies increase investments.”

Growth in emerging markets such as Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America centers on large-scale commercial projects, where centralized controls are crucial to drive energy efficiency and to help manage global enterprises.