By Staff December 10, 2004

HVAC cleaning system

COIL-FLO 500 HVAC cleaning system removes microbial contamination, dust, soil, and debris so HVAC systems can operate more efficiently and odor free. The mobile, 500-psi cleaning system penetrates coil bundles up to 16-in. thick. System includes three wand extensions and two spray nozzle attachments. It features 62 ft of high-pressure hoses with a portable cleaning caddy and product selector for cleaning remotely located HVAC systems.

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HVAC controls

Simplicity Intelli-Comfort controls provide monitoring, control setup flexibility, and operational control of a building’s HVAC system. Controls are designed to manage up to 250 units, and are compatible with the MODBUS protocol. Features include real-time clock with automatic Daylight Savings time adjustment, occupancy schedule, holiday schedules, economizer, and outside IAQ sensor.

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Energy efficient fan

Powerfoil is a high-volume/low-speed fan that provides 35% more air flow than previous airfoil fan. Designed to operate at a lower speed, this fan boasts a 400% increase in energy efficiency than company’s previous airfoil. Use fan to destratify air in the winter to substantially lower heating bills. In the summer, fan can be sped up to produce 332,000 cfm to lower the effective temperature in warehouses, plants, and commercial facilities.

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Pressure sensor

Model 528 strain gauge, industrial transducer is designed for applications such as HVAC compressors, hydraulic test, power plants, and refrigeration. Sensor’s CVD strain gauge design resists aging and is virtually insensitive to thermal transients and pressure cycling.

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Reverse impeller fan

ECOFIT motorized fans with backward impellers are designed to deliver low-noise and highly efficient heat discharge in uninterruptible power supply (UPS) units. Fans have IP44 protection rating and are produced in sizes with maximum airflow of more than 880 cfm.

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DP pressure transmitter

Series 629 differential pressure transmitter with optional 3-way valve can be used to monitor differential pressures on HVAC equipment such as water chillers, coils, heat exchangers, and pumps. Optional integral valve manifold allows pressures on high and low-pressure ports to be isolated or combined. Valve allows transmitter to be maintained without interrupting process.

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