HVAC – 2002-11-15

By Staff November 15, 2002

What you see

Training program is dedicated to educating participants in Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) principles and applications in preparation for ASNT Level I and II certification. Boiler and pressure vessel codes all require NDT/Visual Testing technicians to meet ASNT’s training requirements (SNT-TC-1A) recommended practice or similar guidelines. Everest VIT everest.com Write 325 on PE card

Ducting applications

A 16-p Flexible Hose & Ducting Guide catalog features a wide range of thermoplastic hose and ducting products for evacuating dust, dirt, and chips as well as light material handling applications. It describes a full range of products that don’t produce odors or delaminate. Hi-Tech Hose, Inc. hitechhose.com Write 326 on PE card

Humidity solutions

2002 Humidification Solution Source Handbook contains humidification engineering guidelines in addition to providing details about steam, electric, gas, and compressed air/water humidifiers. This free manual provides the latest information on humidifier equipment and applications. Contact Armstrong at 616-273-1415 or their web site. Armstrong Int’l., Inc. armstrong-intl.com Write 327 on PE card

Fan selection

Multi-Wing 8M Series fan product and specification sheets detail product features, applications, specifications, blade dimensions and materials, choices, design matrix, selection guide, and an ordering example chart. All fans feature a modular design for unlimited flexibility and customized solutions. For a copy of the sheets call 800-311-8465 or visit the web site. Crowley Co., Inc. multi-wing.com Write 328 on PE card

Air comes clean

A full-color application guide is formatted to help users select the right equipment for the right applications; including welding smoke and fumes, machining mist and smoke, metalworking dust, and process dust and powders. It covers a full line of dust collectors, mist collectors, and air cleaners. The guide has information on source capture versus ambient collection. Micro Air microaironline.com Write 329 on PE card