By Staff June 12, 2003

Mold remediation

A 3-day symposium on mold remediation, sponsored by ACGIH, will be held November 3-5 in Orlando, FL. The objective is to provide a forum for the exchange of knowledge and for sharing organizational perspectives. The symposium will consist of lectures, panel discussions, and question and answer sessions. For more information call 513-742-6163 x101. ACGIH acgih.org Write 328 on PE card

Air balancing

Intensive 5-day course on testing, adjusting, and balancing will be held September 15-19 at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. You will learn to balance air and water systems, adjust systems to provide design quantities, verify equipment and controls performance, measure sound and vibration, and estimate costs. Call 800-462-0876. University of Wisconsin, Madison epdweb.engr.wisc.edu/brochures/E666.html Write 329 on PE card

Fresh air recovery

FAX line of recovery ventilation air conditioners comes in two versions: the Passive Energy Ventilators (ERVs) and Compressor Assisted Heat Recovery Ventilators (CA-ERVs). The latter are available as straight AC or heat pumps and can save as much as 60% of the energy associated with building ventilation. Heat Pipe Technology, Inc. heatpipe.com Write 330 on PE card

Light hose

UFD.020 urethane hose is reinforced with a wire helix and provides twice the abrasion-resistance as a 2-ply neoprene hose with 1/2 the weight. The hose comes in sizes from 2 to 12-in. ID, clear or black, and can handle temperatures from -65 F to 200 F. The clear version is FDA acceptable. Cuffed ends are available. Hi-Tech Hose, Inc. hitechhose.com Write 331 on PE card

Vertical fan

An 8-ft, vertical, enclosed fan can now be used when high-volume/low-speed fans cannot be installed on the ceiling because of obstructions or when a moveable fan is desired to provide a comfortable environment. The vertical fan pivots to direct air. With energy savings, payback on the fans is 2 yr or less. Big Ass Fans bigassfans.com Write 332 on PE card

Oil mist filters

NOM filters are designed to capture and control oil mist. A unique filtration method incorporates advanced filter media providing high filtration efficiency with low overall cost of operation. The filter draws contaminated air into a lower chamber, where large drops are separated. A pre-filter separates most of the large particles. Nederman, Inc. nedermanusa.com Write 333 on PE card

Clean dusty air

Vibraclean series of compact dust collectors capture and filter the nuisance dust created by manufacturing operations and recirculate clean air. Typically installed outdoors, the unit uses an eccentric-driven, motorized shaker to rejuvenate the filters, instead of compressed air, which is difficult to use when temperatures are below freezing. Sternvent Co., Inc. sternvent.com Write 334 on PE card

Cool cabinets

The 1000 Btu/hr Cabinet Cooler is a low-cost way to eliminate electronic control downtime due to high temperatures, dirt, and moisture. Compressed air use is only 15 scfm, about 1/2 of other coolers. A thermostat control minimizes air usage and a filter keeps the air clean. Operation is quiet at 75 dBA. Exair Corp. exair.com Write 335 on PE card

Leak detection tools

A 24-p, full color catalog has a complete line of products for HVACR fluid fluorescent leak detection. The introduction explains how this leak detection method works and why it is the only method that can be used for leak diagnosis and preventive maintenance. Charts point out the preferred injection kit and dye cartridges for various lubricant systems. Spectronics Corp. spectroline.com Write 336 on PE card

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