How variable speed drives contribute to energy management efforts

Electronic Drives and Control Scott Sullivan to present

By CFE Media September 13, 2022
Courtesy: Advanced Energy

On September 14 at 12 noon central time CFE Media and Plant Engineering will present a webcast on one of the magazine brand’s most popular topics, “Energy management with variable speed drives.” Presenting on the webcast will be Scott Sullivan, a field service engineer with Parsippany, NJ-based Electronic Drives and Controls.

The session will provide continuing education credits, contingent on passing a quiz available at the conclusion of the webcast.

As is well known, variable speed drives, or VSDs, provide effective speed control of AC motors by manipulating voltage and frequency. Controlling the speed of a motor provides users with improved process control, reduced wear on machines, increased power factor and large energy savings.

The most significant energy savings can be achieved in applications with a variable torque load. Reducing a fan’s speed in a variable torque load application by 20% can achieve energy savings of 50%. Therefore, for most motion control applications, reducing motor speed is often the easiest way to get large energy savings. AC drives significantly reduce energy consumption by varying the speed of the motor to precisely match the effort required for the application.

Attend this webcast to better understand why markets for variable speed drives are growing so precipitously and how they contribute towards efforts for enhanced productivity and sustainability in a wide range of industries.

Scott Sullivan is a field service engineer at Electronic Drives and Controls, or EDC, a certified CSIA system integrator. Sullivan specializes in the application of variable frequency drive (VFD) technology and on-site field service of AC drives. Since joining EDC in 2016, Sullivan has served on EDC’s field service support team performing repairs, preventive maintenance services, start-ups, training, and much more for AC & DC drives, PLCs and factory automation. Sullivan is a graduate of University of Rhode Island with a bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

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