How constant online diagnostics are the future of control valve maintenance

A Sept. 19 webcast examines how proactively addressing online connected positioners can help extend the life of control valves, which can reduce operational costs and downtime.

By Plant Engineering September 6, 2023

End users have an urgent need to increase uptime and ensure stable operations. The only way to do this is determine how devices are performing and predict faults before they cause unplanned downtime. However, with the retirement of experienced personnel and the lack of in-house expertise knowledge of the possible thousands of devices in a single plant, companies must find ways to bring a new generation of workers up to speed or use Internet of Things (IoT) technology to keep operations running and plan for maintenance strategies.

Ed Silva, director of engineering of smart products for Flowserve, will examine how control valves positioners have evolved and what this means for engineers today in the September 19 webcast “The Future of Control Valve Maintenance: 24/7 Online Diagnostics.”

Silva also will examine how digital positioners have evolved over the years and how they’re capable of fully stacking with sensors to provide valve, actuator and control diagnostics.

He’ll also examine use cases and address common issues engineers face in critical applications and how they can overcome these challenges. Silva also will discuss the benefits of connecting control valves positioners to the cloud and how it can lead to reduced downtime, increased efficiency and improved safety.